Jewelry: Golden Edition

I have been obsessed with gold jewelry lately. I feel like golden tones are really in right now and having some gold jewelry is such agreat way to add that extra touch. I’ve been really liking dainty & chains style jewelry. So I found some of my favorite pieces that match the style I’m obsessing over for you to check out.

  • Tessaro Layered Necklace:
    • This one goes perfect with that dainty look I’m aiming for. What I love about this necklace are the two layers and the little coin pendant and the small details. It’s such an easy way to add that little extra gold touch into your outfit.
  • Josephine Coin Necklace:
    • I am obsessed with this one. I love that it’snot too big but definitely an added statement to any look. Once again it has that coin charm and I am currently obsessed with those.
  • Interwoven Ring
  • I love how big the rings are with the simple style. It’s a perfect statement addition without being too overpowering. Plus there is no need to add additional rings. It’s made from sterling silver and plated in 24-carat gold.
  • Organza Flower Earrings
  • If you want a gold statement piece with a touch of color, this is the one for you. I love the drop earrings look and the blue color tone. Plus the small details of the pearls and gems are such a cute touch.
  • Tia Textured Ring Set
  • Sets are always a great way to have a really put together look when it comes to jewelry. I love the simplicity of each individual ring and how the whole look goes together. Perfect for any occasion!!
  • Remedy Rope Chain Necklace
  • Okay, this one is just SO CUTE. I love the tightness of each chain in this one, makes it look more simplistic but a slight statement piece. I feel like this one is perfect for day and night, def going to have to buy it for myself.

All of these are so cute and so affordable; I’m tempted to buy all of them. Let’s hope I have some self control!!!

All the love,



Okay, we NEED to talk about warm water with. This is a MAJOR game changer for your health and something that I am trying to make a habit of. Warm water with lemon juice is something that is often talked about but not always practiced, myself included. Recently on my trip to Ecuador, I was drinking warm water with FRESHLY squeezed lemon every morning and learning about its major benefits. I love how something so simple can improve your overall health. This is the kind of stuff I live for guys, I LOVE an easy addition to my day for some CRAZY good benefits.

Lemon is pretty famously known for its high amounts of vitamin C and one of my favorite things for skincare. Adding some lemon to warm water in your day can be great for your skin by brightening your skin and fighting acne. Lemon and warm water can even help with again by preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging. It’s also great for helping your skin stay hydrated.

Lemon with warm water will help your whole body stay hydrated and maintain PH levels by adding electrolytes into your body. When your body is well hydrated its ability to digestive food is a lot easier on your body. Warm water and lemon is so great right in the morning on an empty stomach because it almost wakes up your digestive system. By having this 30 minutes before you eat, you will feel less bloated and sluggish after you eat. Warm water and lemon in the morning even detoxes your body and helps cleanse your liver. Such a great way to flush out toxins right in the morning and helping your body prepare for the rest of the day. It’s even known to help people lose weight by promoting the Polyphenol antioxidant that helps with weight loss while improving insulin resistance.

Lucky Warm water and lemon is simple and fast. Like I mentioned before its best to drink some right in the morning before breakfast. I like to try to have it 20-30 minutes before I eat it because it gives my body more time to digest all of it allowing it to get the most benefits possible. What I do is warm up some water in a teakettle and squeeze a half or a whole lemon depending on how much water I want to drink or how big the lemon is. I would recommend drinking about 8oz of warm lemon water in the morning as a minimum. If you want to drink more I wouldn’t go over one whole lemon just to not overdo it with the citrus. It’s also important to do warm water not boiling. One it’s easier to drink without burning yourself and its more gentle on your stomach.

Warm water with lemon juice is major and something everyone needs to add to your morning every morning. I am currently working on getting this into a habit that I just need to do every morning but sometimes I completely forget about it! Either way, I am trying my best to make it into a habit because the benefits are just so amazing to not have every day. Try it out loves and take in the benefits of this cute little lemon.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar  


It is getting COLD here in Chicago and I have some major mix feelings about it. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I love the things that come with winter. Like by November 1st I am already blasting Christmas music and I love shopping for winter clothes. Winter fashion is my absolute favorite, coats, pants, and accessories. It’s just so much easier to look really chic and put together in the winter. Here are some must-haves for this winter and to have some killer additions to your daily looks.

  • Soft Scarf
    • I love this one; the color is right up my aesthetic and looks so warm. I also really like the length of the scarf, such a cute addition on to any look.
  • Heurueh Hybrid Earmuffs
    • Okay everyone needs some earmuffs for the winter okay. They’re essential to keeping your ears warm and these are adorable. I am definitely going to buy these.
  • Faux Leather Gloves With Chain Trim
    • I got these last year but mine had a silver trim! I LOVE them; anything that has some leather looks so chic. I love the extra touch of the chain on the bottom too. I would so recommend these!!
  • Scarf-470 Pink
    • I love an oversized scarf. Like its an accessory that goes with any outfit and looks cute while it being like a huge blanket to keep you warm. I love that it has a mix of colors because if you’re like me, most of my winter clothes are black so adding some colors with accessories is ideal.
  • Corduroy Bucket Hat
    • Okay, I am in love with this one. LOVE the corduroy fabric and the off white color. This will go easy with any outfit and look cute on any outfit.

Stay warm and look cute!!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

Intermitting Fasting 101

Intermitting fasting, the thing that everyone is talking about it. I love a simple thing to add to my life that will add some health benefits.

Intermitting fasting is exactly what it sounds like; you have a specific amount of time during your day where you eat and then a longer portion where you do not. Things like water, tea, and plain coffee are okay when you’re fasting as long as there are no calories. While you’re fasting your body does a lot of things like repairs calls, change hormone levels, detoxes and a lot more. Your body focuses on maximizing your health during these hours instead of working on digestion.

Intermitting fasting is also a great way to promote weight loss. When you include intermitting fasting into your life then usually you will eat during a certain time frame, helping prevent mindless snacking which helps promote weight loss. When you are your insulin levels get lower, your growth hormone level gets higher and you get a larger amount of norepinephrine. It sounds complicated but it means that it promotes the ability to breakdown fat and use it as an energy source. Plus some studies claim that fasting speeds up your metabolism, an extra benefit we love.

One of my favorites benefits is the ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Nobody likes waking up bloated and this is such a great way to prevent that. Your body has a greater ability to breakdown food and fight stress when you’re fasting. Since digestive issues and stress is such a large part of bloating and discomfort this is a great way to help prevent it.

There are so many other benefits but often people avoid intermitting fasting because they think it means that you need to restrict. That is not the case if done correctly.  The idea of intermitting fasting is to give your body more time to focus on repairing and detoxing while making sure that you’re eating enough calories during the non-fasting time frame. When you’re fasting you still need to eat a proper amount of calories but you’re just eating them in a smaller amount of time. By preventing yourself from eating too late you’re helping your body digest the food you ate earlier a lot easier.  Keep in mind that if your fasting but all of a sudden you get hungry it does not mean that you should ignore your hunger. It is completely OKAY to break the fast! The first thing is to listen to your body. It knows what you need so go ahead, eat a snack, and feel better. It’s also important to check up on yourself throughout your fasting journey and make sure you are not feeling restricted or developing a complicated relationship to food. This should be something that adds guilt or stress to your life.     Instead, it should be something that helps you feel good and become healthier.

If you want to try it out I would recommend going into it slowly. It’s so much easier when you build up to it giving your body more time to adjust. What I currently do is the 8/16-hour rule. That means that my eating time is for 8 hours and I fast for 16 hours. It sounds a lot but the time you spend sleeping is included in your fasting time frame. Sleeping usually takes up a majority of the time so it’s really easy. I love to use the app called ZERO because it helps me keep track and make sure I’m sticking to the full fasting time.

Most people tend to skip breakfast but I do things a bit different. I love to workout in the morning in a fasted state, I feel like I have so much more energy doing it this way. Since I wake up and be ready early that means, I workout early. Most of the time, I will start my workout 5-6 AM. I like to have some source of protein after my workouts. That is why I break my fast early, around 7 am. Since I break my fast so early, that means I start fasting earlier than others at around 3 pm. This is not for everyone but it works well for me. I don’t like going to sleep feeling full so having my last meal early works perfectly. I go to sleep feeling a lot better and I get a better night of sleep. It just helps me wake up feeling so much better and with so much more energy. The difference is so noticeable to me and it is something I like to try to do every other day or any day I feel like my body needs a reset or break.

I think fasting is just about keeping in mind your current habits and fitting it into your schedule. At first, I think it may seem a lot harder than it is. The good part is that slowly, your body will adjust and it will become a habit. For me, it has become a habit and I rarely feel hungry after my last meal.  If for some reason I do feel hungry I’ll have a small snack and feel great. Fasting is simple and easy to add. A simple habit that brings you so many benefits making it so worth it to try!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


Hello loves! Today I am going to talk a bit about one of my favorite things to do in the morning, aka working out. I am a huge believer in the benefits of working out first thing in the morning. It helps wake you up, promotes making healthier choices during the day, and it’s a great way to give yourself some one on one time. For me, working out is almost like meditation, especially when it comes to Pilates.

I switched my workout routine from weight training to Pilates and I LOVE it. Although I loved to challenge myself through weight lifting, Pilates has been a different way to challenge myself while getting great results. Pilates is a mixture of strength training and yoga. With the little bit of yoga incorporated in the workout, Pilates is a great way to clear your mind. When doing Pilates, you are constantly work out your whole body and it’s an amazing way to really lean out. I have been doing Pilates 6 days a week for a few months now and I am addicted!! I also love that this is such a great option for when you want to workout at home or when you’re traveling. There are PLENTY of options for doing Pilates at home. Some you need to pay for and some you don’t.

One of my favorite options that you need to pay for monthly is Melissa Wood Health. Her program is only $9.99 a month and you get new workout videos each week. Her workouts consist of slow, strong movements that tone your body and give you those long lean muscle lines. I love her method because it’s relaxing and you finish your workout feeling so good. Her program also offers these amazing guided meditations that just gets you in a good mindset. I loved doing her guided meditation first thing in the morning.

Okay, going back to the FREE content you can find because it’s always great to have a free option. I have found a few videos and accounts that are available on YouTube that I love and have been seeing results with. Obviously I had to share them with you so everything will be linked!

BoHo Beautiful
• This account is one of my favorites because she incorporates yoga into the workout. She has a lot of Pilates and yoga video workouts to try which is nice because you have plenty of options. Her workouts are challenging and leave you waking up sore, which we love right? Down below are three of my favorite workout videos of hers.
o 21 Day Challenge Full Body Workout (20 Minutes)
o Ultimate Butt Workout (20 Minutes)
o Pilates Workout (20 Minutes)
• She has a great variety of short workouts that make your muscles BURN. I love her leg and butt workouts especially because you get that instant burn from them. Down below are three of my favorite short workouts from this account.
o Brutal Booty (10 Minutes)
o Thigh Workout (10 Minutes)
o Butt and Thigh Workout ( 10 Minutes)

Bailey Brown
• Bailey Brown is another amazing option who has all sorts of different workouts. I love all of her Pilates and mat workouts along with her other ones. She has workout videos over 20 minutes and some as short as five minutes giving you options to fit into your day. I have so many of her workouts that I loved that it was so hard to pick but I think the three down below are my top favorites.
o Butt and Thighs Workout (25 Minutes)
o Full Body Yoga Pilates Workout (20 Minutes)
o Pilates for Lower Body

All of these channels have such amazing workout videos for when you want to do a quick workout at home. When I workout from home I like to do about 45 minutes – and hour Pilates. That means that I will do sometimes 3-4 different videos and it is such a good workout. So take some time for yourself and do a bit of at-home Pilate’s babe!!!

All the love,
Kamila Coellar


Hello,hello loves, can we take like a quick second to talk about tea? Seriously myfavorite thing all day every day, especially because in the winter it gets waytoo cold and I hate it. I’m convinced that I am meant to live somewhere like Hawaii but unfortunately I live in Illinois. Soooo not quite the right place. I mean it’s fine, eventually I will have to move to Hawaii or something.

ANYWAYS…  You’ve heard about how good tea is for you right? It is a great healthy caffeine boost, helps digestion, anti-inflammatory and great for your metabolism. The thing is not all tea is equally as good foryou so making a small switch on the brand and quality could make a huge difference for your health! This small switch is as simple as switching to loose tea instead of bagged. So to avoid toxic tea here are a few things youneed to know.

Okay so first, let’s talk a bit of the process of making bagged tea. The product actually in the tea-bags are the small left-overs from the broken tea leaves because it’s more convenient for the manufacture to fit into the bags. Not the quality we want for our tea. Then the remaining parts need to be finely chopped.When the tea-leaves are broken down into super fine pieces a lot of the essentialoils and aromas are broken down and lost. For manufacturers using a lower quality and “tea dust” is often better for them. Tea dust is considered to be toxic and could cause health problems like liver damage. MAJOR I know but true. The quality of the leaves is not the only potentially toxic part of tea but also the tea bag itself.

Now let’s get into the specifics of most tea bags. Most tea bags are made of cellulose and cotton. Cotton is one of the crops that have the most chemicals sprayed on when in the process of harvesting. Eventually, tea bags are manufactured are both cellulose and cotton are covered with chemicals making it possible to hold its shape under boiling water. Since tea bags are not considered food for obvious reasons, it’s not tested to standard food safetystandards. Basically, you are boiling the chemicals in the tea bags and drinking all of the chemicals. Not something we want to do!!!

Luckily avoiding poor quality tea is pretty easy to avoid. First off lose tea tends tobe in a more whole form, making it easier to prevent “tea dust”. If you don’thave any lose tea, open up one of the tea bags you have a take a look to see if the leaves are in whole form or dust. Another key sign for poor quality tea is when it leaves a dark right on the inside of your mug. This is such a huge indicator of poor quality and such an easy way to tell.

Next up is looking into the ingredient list. You want to avoid teas that have“natural flavors and colors”. These natural colors and flavors tend to be full of chemicals. Also, try to avoid the more obvious chemical flavors lie“strawberry cheesecake”. Sticking to natural leaves flavors and fruits tend tocontain fewer chemicals for flavoring and coloring. Loose tea is the best way to be drinking pure tea and using a tea strainer helps you avoid using a toxic tea bag. If you can find an organic loose tea you are golden baby!!

Okay,of course I had to find some healthy tea options because I can’t live without some tea in my life. Down below are some options that I love.

•    Rishi Organic Lose Tea:

o These teas are some great options, some of my favorites are the Turmeric Ginger, Chamomile. These are organic and caffeine-free.

•    The Tea Spot

o    I love the amount of options and diverse types of benefits that each tea targets. The Hibiscus Cucumber organic tea targets bloating and promote optimal digestion. Some other favorites are Natural Glow, and Meditative Mind organic tea. They offer it in sample size and bulk sizes.

Okay,now that we have our tea set, ready and healthy you get to find some cute tea steeper, which is fun. I have found some that I love and have attached them down below!

You guys I first learned about how toxic tea can be, I kind of freaked and had to find an alternative. I drink tea EVERYDAY so it was essential to find something that wasn’t toxic. Luckily it wasn’t hard at all and I am back to enjoying my NON-TOXIC bomb tea.  Whatever flavor you may enjoy, there are healthy options out there. Even using fresh herbs is an amazing option for your daily tea. So, go out and buy your self some healthy and safe tea to enjoy in this cold weather!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

Microneedling, The Thing I Love The MOST.

Adding an extra step in my skincare routine always makes me excited.  That’s why I love to learn about new tools or anything else that will add some benefits. One of my favorite things I ever added into my skincare routine is micro needling. Microneedling is a procedure where you use tiny fine needles that make small punctures into the skin. It sounds a bit scarier than it is and it just feels like small pinches on your skin. The benefits are great and I’m dying to get into it so lets.

Micro needling is super simple; you roll the tiny needles all over your face to make the tiny punctures into your skin. With these tiny punctures, your skin can optimize the absorption of the products you use. That means that you are getting the most of all the products that you are using. It has been proven to increase the absorption of products by around 90%. I love the fact that I am getting the most from my skincare products. Ever since I started to add this simple step into my routine my skin is clearer and healthier with more consistency of staying that way.  Micro needling by itself has also been proven to help acne and acne scars. The reason is that micro needling is also a form of exfoliation which helps fade acne scars while reducing your pores to clog up and prevent acne. It also reduces the size of your pores, which is so important for preventing acne. This procedure even helps eliminate dark spots, sun damage and stretch marks making it great for your whole body.

Micro needling also stimulates skin growth, cell turnover and boosts your production of collagen. These things allow you to have a more youthful, firm and radiant skin. As we age our skin begins to produce less collagen and begin to show signs of again and this is a great tool to help prevent that. Micro-needling is stimulating your owns body to use its healing mechanisms with stimulates all of these great benefits.

For me, the ability to naturally encourage your body to increase its ability to make things like collagen and to heal your body is such a great thing. Plus I love the fact that I am getting the most from the products I bought. Skincare isn’t always the most affordable so knowing that I am maximizing the products I use makes the expense worth it. You can go into a spa and get this procedure professionally done but I love doing it myself at home. Its so much more efficient and affordable, a combo that I love. The micro-needling tool I use is the Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument by Sdara Skincare. It features 540 titanium micro needles measuring. 25mm. before deciding to purchase this one I made sure to do my research by finding out the recommended sizes of needles, the amount and then just general feedback of the tools making sure they work. I ended up picking this one and I am so happy that I did! The sizes of the needles are ideal for using it at home daily. At first, you may experience some redness but it goes away quickly and leaves no irritation behind. The price was also amazing at only $19.99 and occasionally there are coupons that amazon offers to save you some money. This is such a small expense for something that adds so many benefits and for something that works. Finally, on amazon, it has 1,386 reviews with 4.5 stars out of 5.

You guys, this is something that NEEDS to be added into your skincare routine. No matter what products you use, this will help take it to the next level. I love this and its something I always use and bring with me when I’m traveling. It helps me when I’m dealing with dry skin, acne or when I just want that extra glow. Trust me you will be obsessed with how good your skin looks.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


I love shoes and I always seem to find so many cute ones.The thing is, I don’t need that many shoes like I have enough. Lol. It’s honestly a struggle to not buy them all right away. So instead of struggling and have the realization that I shouldn’t but all of them, I’ll just show you my current favorites and maybe get you to buy them because they’re just too cute to not share!!

  • Morph Sling back Sandal Minimal and strappy sandals have been really in-trend recently and they’re too cute to not have a pair for you. The best partis that you can dress it up or down. Plus the cute, little heel makes it more comfortable to walk around with.
  • Thick Soled Athletic Sandals Okay so these are definitely for a unique style but I kind of love them. They remind me of the Prada ones but a lot more affordable. Plus, they look so comfy and go great with that chunky shoe trend.
  • FILA Ray Tracer Sneaker If you wanting to still follow the chunky trend and you are not so obsessed with the sandals I showed before, these are the perfect sneakers. I love the taupe color because they give that neutral color vibes. They do have other colors available in the same style but I prefer the taupe color. It’s just so much easier to wear them with a classy or casual look.Perfect if you’re aiming for a sporty but chic look.
  • ZARA Adjustable Strap Sneakers I had to add another pair of chunky sneakers because these were too cute. Similar colors but I loved the black strap. It gives the shoes a little extra touch. Obsessed, I may just have to buy it.
  • ASOS Entourage Buckle High Ankle Boots in BlackCroc Everyone needs a pair of black booties. They’re an essential in everyone’s closet that goes with everything while adding a classy look. Three things made me love these, the croc-effect, belt, and thin square heals. Taking a classic look but adding a unique twist, love!!!!

Honestly part of me wants to buy all of these so if you do just know that I am already jealous!!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

Why You NEED Silk Pillow Cases

You guys know if obsessed with skincare so I am always thinking of ways to help maintain it looking healthy and glowy. Besides having a good routine it’s important to think of your habits throughout the day. Things like avoiding touching your face, drinking water and taking notice of how sleeping affects your skin. This is why I’m obsessed with silk pillowcases and bed sheets.

Think about, you spend hours of your day with your face on your pillowcases and bed sheets. During that time your skin is having constant contact with whatever is on those sheets, and its effect it has may not be too obvious. See regular sheets are different from silk because they absorb more bacteria. Silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that they are resistant to dust, fungus, mold and other bacteria. When your skin is in contact with normal cotton sheets its a lot easier for your skin to absorb all of that gross junk with leads to things like clog pores and acne, not the ideal situation. Plus silk contains fewer chemicals than regular bed sheets, which mean you’re exposed to chemicals, are reduced. Usually, most of the fabrics we use for bed sheets are exposed to chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments that are necessary for the production of the fabric. Silk has a much simpler way of production meaning it has far less exposer to those harsh chemicals.

Silk is also amazing for maintain a healthy amount of moister in the skin. Most regular fabrics will absorb a lot of the moister on your skin meaning that a lot of the products you have on your skin are going to waist. With silk, it’s the opposite of helping your skin maintain its natural moister and get the best of your products. Plus the extra moister prevents aging which is always a plus.

 The same thing goes for your hair by keeping your hair soft. One thing I have noticed is that my hair is smoother and less tanged when I wake up. Since silk helps it maintain a healthier state I have even noticed less breakage and split ends!

Silk can be a bit on the higher end side but it’s easy to find a more affordable option. For example, if you use a sleeping mask like I do making the small switch to one that’s silk is such a great option. I got mine on Amazon here for less than $10.00 and I got it in this chic pink color going well with my aesthetic. I would also recommend starting with getting silk pillowcases if you can’t afford both bed sheets and pillowcases. There are a bunch of options that are affordable from $20.00 to $50.00, a small expense but worth it!! This Alaska Bear Natural Pillowcase Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillow Casefrom amazon is a great affordable option for natural silk pillowcases. It has over 5,000 reviews and four and half stars out of five and for only $22.99. This is the same brand as the sleeping mask that I mentioned and both are such great quality. Plus they have so many color options. I would personally go for the light pink or the classic white. Lastly, if you prefer not to make an expense as large I would go with a satin fabric. Satin will also promote more hydration on both your skin and hair while also not holding as much bacteria in the fabric. It’s a much more affordable price with the benefits being almost as effective as silk. Plus it’s a much better option than regular fabric! A great option for satin pillowcases is these Bedsure Satub Pillowcases by Bedsure on amazon. They have over 4,000 reviews with four and a half stars out of five! They’re so affordable at only $9.99 for a pair of two and they have 14 different colors to fit your aesthetic. Like how cute will these look on your bed!!

Making small changes like this makes a big difference. There is a reason that there is such a big hype with silk fabric and the best part there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on it! Silk just feels so soft and luxurious, it’s such a chic way to treat yourself, you know? Like, you deserve the best so why not get some silk pillowcases. 

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

Ecuador Trip 2019

There is nothing I love more than traveling and eating some good food. If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen a few posts of me in Ecuador and I was living my BEST life over there. And if you’re not following me on Instagram then I’ll give you the basics of it. My account is filled with selfies of me and a lot of traveling. Most of the trips are me going to Disney, BUT we have a good time and are thriving so it’s fine. If you want to follow my username is @kamilacoellar!! Okay as I was saying, I went on a trip to Ecuador for two weeks and I am so ready to go back.

So before I get into the full details, let me give you the basics of Ecuador.  If you didn’t know, Ecuador is in South America on the West Coast.  It’s the tiny country right next to Peru and Colombia laying right on the Equator. I am 100% Ecuadorian and lived here for a few months when I was about 2 years old. I don’t remember anything from that time but, there are so many photos that I recognized a few things the first time I went back over 4 years ago.

We landed at Guayaquil Ecuador which is a large city in Ecuador and its about 3-4 hours from Cuenca. The day after landing in Quyaquil we were off to Cuenca where we spent most of the two weeks in. The drive to Cuenca is filled with views of Cocoa bean plantations, banana plantations, fruit markets, small towns and more. There are always street vendors there to sell you snacks and they will bring it right to your car.  The best part is driving through the mountains and getting to see all the beautiful views. Cuenca is surrounded by mountains and the roads are anything but straight forward. There are sharp turns and parts where you are driving through the clouds to the point where you can’t see what is straight in front of you. In the parts of clarity, you can get glimpses of the most beautiful views.

Mountain View.

About an hour and a half into driving through the mountains, there is this small section on the side of the road filled with fresh fruit vendors. We decided to stop by and buy a whole bunch of mini bananas for only $2.00. Since everything is so fresh all of the fruits taste so different compared to the USA.

Fresh fruit stands.🍓🍌🍊

The first night we got to Cuenca we just chilled at the house and this house was a DREAM. It was surrounded with fresh fruits, tall beautiful trees, glass ceilings and doors that open up wide to the outside with views of the mountains. It felt unreal to get to wake up and enjoy this place throughout the whole vacation.

Small part of the house with the huge door and part of the glass ceiling!
Before heading out!

The next morning we went out to explore the local markets. There were countless amount of vendors and different foods to buy. Think of it as a farmers market but everything is inside and everything a bit more exotic. I loved walking through the market exploring fruits that you would never find in the US and seeing little homemade treats. Everything was so bright, colorful and so lively.

Market filled with delicious fruit.😋

Most of the days consisted of walking around and exploring Cuenca. We the center park called Parque Caldero that was surrounded by restaurants, bakeries, and shops. The building had a European / Spanish look giving me flashbacks to my visit to Paris a few years ago.

Cuenca City Center!
Parque Caldero & the cathedral!

Right in the town center, we visited a shop called Angelos where they sold Cuenca’s most famous ice cream called Tutto Fredo. I was obsessed with their fruit-flavored ice cream, my favorites being Rasberry and Passion Fruit. Passion Fruit was my obsession when I was there. Every that was flavored passion fruit was killer and I couldn’t get enough. Right next to the bakery was the large cathedral called Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception or Catedral Nueva. We got to climb to the very top of the cathedral and see the view of Cuenca’s city center from above.

There were plenty of little artisanal markets selling cute little hand made things like souvenirs, jewelry and more. I loved going from store to store looking through everything and making a few purchases for myself and others. One thing I love to buy from Ecuador is jewelry. The quality of jewelry is amazing over there and I was constantly finding cute pieces of gold or silver jewelry to take home. I also found the cutest turtles made from marble that I LOVED! Since turtles are great for Feng Shui and also one of my favorite animals I decided to buy a few.

The cathedral door.

When you look into what to do in Cuenca Ecuador a popular thing is to visit the Plaza De Los Flores. This is a place where dozens of flower vendors set up stands right next to the cathedral. Such a cute place for photos and filled with hundreds of flowers.

Right next to here is an artesian plaza and with a huge Cuenca sign so on another day we stopped by to take some photos and do some more shopping

The last time I visited Ecuador I decided to do the most touristy thing available, go on a tour bus. The views are amazing and you get to see and learn a lot so I thought that it would be fun to do it again. The morning before taking the tour we decided to do some shopping and then went for a quick lunch. The whole day was perfect too, sunny and a bit cool making it not too hot to walk around. When we went to the tour bus it got a bit cloudier and within 15 minutes of the tour, it began to rain. I could not stop laughing, we were sitting on the top of the bus with no top and of course, nowhere near prepared for the rain. Luckily we were able to quickly run to the bottom of the bus before the rain got bad.

Favorite lunch stop we went to before the tour bus! Amazing food and prices!
Before the rain!!

One of the stops for the tour is this place called Turi where you can see the whole city of Cuenca from super high. The thing is because of the rain it was so cloudy that you literally couldn’t see a thing so we decided that we would make a second visit on our own on a clearer day. The second time we went it was so much clearer and such a crazy cool view. You could see all of the mountains and Cuenca, it was nice to just sit there and take in the view.

Hiding from the rain the first time we went to Turi!
Second time was so much better and the view was amazing!!

Outside of Cuenca among the mountains, there is this little place called Los Dos Chorreas. It’s a place with restaurants, a hotel, and a few outdoor activities. We decided to make a quick visit here for lunch and to take a look around. The food was SO good and throughout the restaurant, you can see pretty views of the mountains and the animals outside.

Meet George:)
This meal was AMAZING 👅

With only four days left before it was time to head back home, we went off on another road trip to the coast for a quick beach getaway. We stayed at the all-inclusive hotel called El Royal De Cammeron hotel. While we were in Cuenca we would get up early and spend the whole day out so it was nice to have a completely relaxed last few days.. We spent these last few days on the beach with constant visits to get some food and drinks. What I loved about this hotel is how the beach was so private with only hotel guests. Since this wasn’t the busy season the beach was empty.  Plus the food there was so good, your girl took advantage of the ability to eat and get as much as you want.  It was such a great way to end the trip and be fully rested before the long trip back home.

Eventually, it was time to go home and I was not ready to leave!! The trip was amazing, filled with so much joy, good people, and amazing food. Cuenca Ecuador is a small place filled with magical experiences and I can not wait to go back hopefully very soon. I am so happy that I was able to have my sister aka one of my favorite travel buddy with me on this trip to explore this place all over again. We used to call home for a few months when we were younger and coming back was amazing. Like any other trip, always sad to leave but excited for the next trip!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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