Dry Brushing 101

I love anything I can do to help lymphatic drainage. It helps detoxify your body, fight inflammation, and promotes blood circulation. You can go out and get a lymphatic draining massage, but if you want to do something at home that won’t cost a lot, dry brushing is a great option.

Dry brushing often is used as a great exfoliation option. That’s why I love to add dry brushing for some extra smooth legs before or after shaving. Just make sure to use your favorite moisturizer or oil afterward. Exfoliating will also help unclog pores, reduce the appearance of ingrown hair, and “strawberry” legs. Dry brushing is also supposed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Like I mentioned before, this is a form of lymphatic drainage which helps reduce inflammation. That’s why after people get a lymphatic draining massage, they look slimmer. Dry brushing also stimulates your nervous system leaving you feeling more energized.

When starting to dry brush, you want to make sure you’re using the right brush and dry brushing at the right time. I love this one that has natural bristles, works amazing. You also want to make sure you dry brush when your skin is completely dry! Having your skin completely dry will help exfoliate your skin better and increases blood circulation. I like to do it before I shower, that way you wash off any remaining dead skin.

Wholesome Beauty Dry Brush With Natural Bristles

Heres the key, you want to make sure all motions are towards your heart. For most of your body, this will be an upwards motion that way you ensure you are pushing all the toxins towards your lymph node. You need to make sure you dry brush your feet and ankles. Usually, people will start at the top of the ankles and up, but starting from your feet will give you that extra boost of energy.

Areas like your chest, stomach, and neck tend to be more sensitive so, you want to go in with a light touch. You want to make sure that when you are dry brushing make sure that it doesn’t hurt! Listen, if dry brushing hurts you or causes bleeding, you might be brushing too harsh or your skin might be too sensitive. If your skin is too sensitive for it, there are plenty of other lymphatic drainage methods that you can do! I will definitely be writing another post to give you some more options.

I have a previous post where I talked about my go-to for smooth soft legs and this is a major step in it. I love how simple it is to add to your daily routine. Try this out and add it to your morning routine. Trust me your skin will feel softer smoother and you will feel energized and a little bit less bloated. I love a simple game changer!

All the love,
Kamila Coellar


Hello, loves! I have to ask, have any of you taken advantage of the ZARA sale? I have 100% and went slightly overboard. There is a lot of things I am waiting to return (three large boxes, one bag filled with clothes, and accessories to be exact) so, I feel a bit less guilty about it. Heres the thing, I didn’t realize that throughout the sale, they drop the prices in a lot of items. Some items that I bought were $20.00 – $30.00 cheaper than when I originally bought it. I was annoyed at first, but luckily most and returned the original purchase. Anyways, back to the original idea for this post. Let’s do a little haul! The sale is still going on at ZARA, and since they rarely have any sales, I would take advantage! Here are some of the things that I bought and loved.











Let me know what are some of your favorite purchases from this years first ZARA sale!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


Hello lovelies, how has your week been so far? Mine has been quite exciting because all of my Zara orders have finally been coming in and I am so excited to wear them! You guys, I made a total of 6 different orders, each having multiple items. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep everything, but we will see! If you follow me on Instagram then, you might of see all of my outfit photos that I am always posting. I’m obsessed with everything fashion, it’s my very first love. So, if you’re into all of that stuff make sure to follow me there.

For this blog post, I decided to do a similar thing but keep track of each look of the week. My Instagram tends to follow a theme that I’m currently working on so, it’s not always what I am exactly wearing right at that moment. In this post, I kept track of what I wore all week to share with you all. Let’s get right to it.

Outfits of the week:

Obviously, I am going to keep things simple. Sunday is usually when I spend the majority of the day at home. My day is usually filled with working, writing blog posts, and taking time for face masks. So like I said, I want to keep things simple and comfy so I go to an oversized hoodie and some biker shorts. If I decided to go out, I’ll change into some black leggings because it’s too cold to go out in biker shorts. If something comes up and I need to go out quickly, adding a leather jacket makes it look a bit more put together. Then I’ll just throw on some black biker boots, and I’m done.

I had to get ready quickly for something that came up so I went to my basic go-to look. My ripped Mom Jeans, a black t-shirt I tucked under my sport bra for a cropped look, my black oversized leather jacket, black biker boots, and my black Gucci belt with a silver GG buckle to tie the whole look together. It’s a basic, and comfy go-to look that looks cute.

You know when you have a new outfit, and you just keep wearing it? That’s what is currently happening with this outfit. I have been in love with my beige baggy pants from Zara. Then I add this white top that I have that’s a bit too long. Instead of just tucking it into my jeans, I’ll wear a sports bra and tuck my shirt into the sports bar. That way it gives a cropped top look. To bring in a darker color to the outfit, I’ll wear my black oversized leather jacket. For my shoes, I wore my white vans with black checkers.

I’m trying to get in the habit of adding more color to my clothes. My closet consists of black, white, and blue. So I’m taking small steps to add more color into my outfit like adding a simple green tank top as I did on Wednesday. Then to get back into my comfort zone I’ll add blue jeans and my black oversized puffer jacket. Finally, I’ll add my white converse to complete the look.

Thursday: I have been loving a complete light toned outfit. Recently I bought this white long puffer coat that I love!!! So I paired it with a long, oversized, beige t shirt and black leggings. I was planning to go ice skating this day so I wanted something comfy!

Friday: I wanted to wear something simple but cute, so I decided to wear my gray straight jeans, nude slightly cropped T-shirt top tucked in. Then, black oversized faux leather jacket and my white Gucci belt.

Saturday I went out to the city and had a fancy dinner so, I had to dress for the part. I have this amazing vintage faux leather coat with a fur trim around the color. Since we were out the whole day I didn’t want my outfit to be overly fancy so, I wore my distressed light blue jeans and a white t-shirt that I tucked into my sports bra.

Okay, that is how the whole week was looking clothes-wise. Like I mentioned before, follow me on Instagram for a deeper look into my fashion side. Let’s chat a bit!!

All the love,
Kamila Coellar


Hello, lovelies! I wanted to make a small post about one of my favorite things to add into my daily skincare, a facial massage. It’s so simple to add to your life and easy to do. There are three different tools that I love to use to get the most of my facial massage so, let’s get right into the good stuff.

Let’s quickly talk about the benefits because if you’re like me, you’ll want to know all the details. First off, by massaging your face you can help promote oxygen and blood flow in the skin. Increasing your blood and oxygen flow will help reduce puffiness and give you a slimmer look. A simple facial massage will even create a brighter, more even skin tone. One more thing I love about a facial massage is that it’s a natural “botox” or “facelift”. It promotes collagen production, helping you prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Massaging your skin will also help with your skin absorbing the product you’re using. Giving yourself a facial massage 5-10 minutes a day will help improve your overall skin and its a great thing to do at home for free.

Gua Sha
Okay, so let’s get into my top favorite tool to use for my facial massage; my gua sha tool. I have written a whole post about it before, which you can read about here. It works amazing and its simple to use. There are so many free resources online that you can use to help guide you. I love how effective it is to get rid of any puffiness and sculpt your face. I have attached some great options down below for you to look at. So, one comes with only the gua sha tool and the other one comes with both a gua sha stone and a jade roller. This tool is a must for me and I always bring it with me when I travel. If you want a more detailed look into gua sha check out my old post where I get really into the details.

Silicone Vibrating Facial Cleansing Brush
So these have been very popular recently and I completely get the hype. The vibration from the brush helps stimulate the production of collagen and helps give that extra movement to help with lymphatic drainage to sculpt the face. It’s a great tool to use to cleanse your face but I also love to use it with my moisturizer for a facial massage. There are plenty of price and affordable option that work amazing! I have attached three options for you to find one that goes well with your price range. All links are on the photos below!

SOLO $38.00

Zyllion $26.00

MEBAO $13.00

Jade roller
Everyone has heard of one and most likely you already have one! It’s a great option for something quick but, it doesn’t work quite as well as the first two. I love to leave this one in my mini-fridge and use it in the mornings when it’s cold. The coldness helps reduce any inflammation or redness. It’s great if you have a new breakout. A jade roller is also great for rolling over a sheet mask. It helps with the absorption of the product from the sheet mask. I love leaving a mask in the fridge that way it’s nice and cold when using. Then using a cold jade roller to help your skin feel fresh. I found three great options for you to check out down below. All photos are linked!

eDiva Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set $23.00

Roselyn Boutique $19.00

Lexi White Beauty $9.00

All three of the tools I mentioned above are great but, don’t underestimate the use of your own hands. Giving yourself a facial massage using your hands can also result in some amazing results. You need to start taking a few minutes in your day because the benefits are major. So tonight take some time for your skincare and wake up with glowy skin.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


Let’s talk about one of my recent obsessions, a turmeric latte. First off, I’m not a coffee person, I’m just not into it. In the mornings I’m usually drinking water or green tea because that’s more my taste. Recently, I’ve been having my turmeric latte in the mornings and I love it. It’s so good and it’s the best way to start your day. Plus, it’s super easy to make so, it’s perfect for a quick pick me up. 

I have talked about the benefits of turmeric before and why I add it to everything. If you want to read that post, I will link it here. It has so many different benefits including fighting inflammation. I love anything that helps fight any type of inflammation because it’s so important!! Another key thing is to make sure your turmeric has curcumin in it that way you make sure you are getting all the benefits. If you don’t find any turmeric with a great amount of curcumin in it, just add some fresh black pepper. Black pepper helps your body absorb turmeric better allowing you to get the most from it. Like I said before I get way more into details on the benefits of turmeric on a previous post so if you want to check that out you can click here. 

Making a turmeric latte is so easy, quick, and efficient. I like to use a dairy-free option and I have been obsessed with this specific kind that you can find anywhere now! It’s the Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almond Milk Blend. This is my current favorite dairy-free option. Its creamy, the coconut flavor is AMAZING, and it’s amazing to make a yummy foamy latte. Any type of milk works with this latte, but I would so recommend this one out!! Before I add the turmeric, I’ll warm up the milk. 

If I’m making a large latte, the most I will use is a teaspoon of turmeric. If I’m using a smaller coffee mug I will use about half a teaspoon. You don’t want to go overboard, because there will be some that will accumulate on the bottom from not mixing. If you’re new to this start with a small amount and add as you go. 

To sweeten it up, I like to use monk fruit or manuka honey. I won’t use too much because I don’t like it to overly sweet, but I’ll use enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. If you aren’t familiar with monk fruit it’s like stevia but healthier. Monk fruit doesn’t mess with your hormones or a digestive system like stevia does. I will be writing another post about the specifics on monk fruit and why you should switch to it! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. I love the Golden Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener from Amazon.

Then, I will sometimes add a bit of cinnamon in it to add an extra touch! Right after, I will use my frother and I am telling you its the best thing ever to have. Having a frother is great to make sure everything comes out to the best possible consistency. I love to use this frother because you end up with a great consistency with this amazing foaminess ( is that even a word? I don’t know but, you know what I’m trying to say). If you don’t have one YOU NEED ONE. It’s great for any drink that you want to blend up to have this amazing creamy texture with some foam on top. I fond this super cute pink and silver hand help frother from the world market that is so cute!! It comes with two for $17.99 which is such a good price. Plus if you signup for the reward member group you get 15% off your first purchase!

That’s is it, you guys! It is so simple and tastes amazing! Try it out with some freshly baked bread dipped in. omg so good, TRUST ME you need to try this out. If you do let me know and let me know if you added your little twist! I’m always up to try something new.  

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


Hello loves! Welcome to another skincare blog post! So if you didn’t read my previous post from last week, I wrote about my nighttime skincare routine. So, I thought it was fitting to write one about my day time routine, just to give you guys all the specifics.

So, if you read my previous post about my nighttime routine, then you know that it’s a little bit complex. There are a couple of steps and products I love to only use at night. For my day time skincare, I tend to focus on keeping my skin moisturized under my makeup. I don’t want to wear harsh products under the sun to ensure I’m avoiding any sun damage. Plus, I want to make sure that my skin is smooth and hydrated to avoid dryness when I put on makeup.

I love to use hydronic acid to maximize the amount of moister that my skin holds. This is such a game-changer, and it doesn’t feel like your wearing a thick product. It’s light and makes such a huge difference. I will also use Vitamin C serum because it gives your skin a bright glowy look. Then I will use my moisturizer, which is the St Ives Elastic and Collagen Moisturizer. Love love loveeee this one, it works amazing.

If I have some extra time, I’ll go in with a very light layer of oil and use my gua sha. It helps so much with sculpting your face. It removes puffiness and, it’s great to help avoid any wrinkles or fine lines. Think of it almost like a workout for your face by moving your muscles and helping everything stay lifted/sculpted. The oil helps the gua sha tool glide smoother and helps avoid over-stretching the skin. I have previously written a post on gua sha that I will link here if you want some more specific information. It’s something everyone can do and add into their routine by only taking about 5-10 minutes a day.

This small little routine is something that I NEED to do every morning. Sometimes I will add a sheet mask into my routine but, that’s only if I have time. My morning skincare is simple, effective, and quick. It’s the perfect trio. Let me know what your skincare routine for the morning!! I always love to hear some new tips and ideas.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar


You know when you buy something new that you love, and you immediately want to tell everyone why you love it? That’s basically what this whole post is about, but I made sure to try out every product for several weeks before sharing all of it. So let’s keep it short, sweet and get right into it.

Milani Blush in Luminoso

  • I never really wore blush before, but I loved how it always ties the whole makeup look together. I decided to try this one out because of the amount of great things I’ve heard about it. First off, the consistency is creamy and blends easily to get a natural look. The pigmentation is so good that going in lightly and building it up is easier to prevent overdoing it. The color and the product overall works amazing so, if you’re looking for a blush to try out, this is the one.

A La Maison Deodorant

  • One of my main goals is to slowly get rid of products that have toxic ingredients and replacing them with ones that do not. I found A La Maison deodorant and decided to try it out. I was a little bit skeptical about trying it out because I was worried that it wouldn’t work that well but, I was wrong! This one has been working so well and I love the coconut one. It gives me Hawaiian vibes, which I love. I love how nontoxic it is and how well it works. This is a product I will continuously be purchasing.

Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo and Conditioner

  • I wanted to change my shampoo and conditioner to something healthier and more natural so, I decided to try this one out. It’s been amazing for keeping my hair soft and preventing my naturally curly/wavy hair from getting too fizzy. Plus, I love that these products are silicone-free, non-GMO, no parables, no SLS, and more. This brand just has fewer toxins in it than most shampoos and conditioners and, my hair looks and feels so much softer/healthier.

Pink Collapsible Silicone Food Containers

  • For my trip to Ecuador, I wanted to bring a few snacks for the plane ride. I found these super cute silicone containers that came in a set of four and, they worked perfectly. What I love was that they were nice to travel with and don’t take up too much space on your carry on. Once you finished your food, you’re able to fold them downwards into a thin rectangle. Also, I have to mention that color is so cute and matches my aesthetic?

Ello 20oz Pink Glass Tumbler

  • Another cute pink find that I use every day. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I don’t like using plastic water bottles. It’s bad for the planet and your health. When you drink from a plastic water bottle, you’re consuming all of the toxins that come from the plastic. This one was perfect for me because it had that touch of pink that once again, matches my aesthetic. it’s made from glass and can hold 20oz of liquid. The glass is durable and it won’t break that easily. It does come with a plastic straw but I just use a metal one. I love this one and it was for a great price.

Wall Plugged Salt lamp

  • Salt lamps are known to bring so many different benefits like; purifying air, raise energy levels, enhance mood, and more. I love the ease of adding this simple edition to be able to get these health benefits. Salt lamps even release negative ions that can help improve sleep. That was defiantly something I noticed the first night of using one. I have a small one that I plug into the wall outlet. It’s small and looks cute, ideal for my whole aesthetic situation. 

Nostalgia Mini Fridge

  • My new OBSESSION. I recently got a mini-fridge for my birthday and its such a game-changer for my skincare products. There are so many different products that I love to leave in this mini fridge because not only does it feel so nice to put on your skin, often products will work better and last longer if placed in a fridge. It’s small so it doesn’t take up too much room but it fits a good amount of things. I will be writing a blog post to give you all the details but I love it so much! Like you need one NOW!

Phillips Sonicare Electric Tooth Brush

  • This might be a bit more boring but I have been obsessed with this toothbrush because it works so good. Dental hygiene is such a major thing so a few months ago I decided that I needed to upgrade my toothbrush and it was so worth it. I got the back one that looks chic and matches my mini-fridge so its a whole aesthetic. The thing is that I had an electric toothbrush before but this one works differently and it gives you a whole other level of clean. 

All of these items are items I love to use and will continue to use daily. Honestly, there is nothing better than finding a new favorite.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


Hello loves, how has the beginning of 2020 been for you so far? I hope that it’s been amazing and that you have started this year with glowy skin. The key for me is to stick to my skincare routine. Especially my nighttime one, because that is when I use my best products and I wake up with great skin. There is a specific product that I swear makes my blemishes shrink overnight. This is the type of stuff that excites me so obviously I have to share.

First off I tend to change up products a lot, all depending on what I’m trying to target but there are a few that I always stick too. Nighttime is the best time to use one of my two favorite acid products from The Ordinary. They are so amazing to help clogged pores and I am convinced that it helps shrink acne. So I’ve talked about the two I use but just in case you’ve missed that post I use the Mandelic Acid and the Alpha Lipoic Acid. Both are amazing for being a light exfoliant and helping you achieve a smoother skin texture. I like to use this at night because these products tend to be very strong and don’t mix well with sunlight. A little goes a long way with these and you want to make sure to wait a bit before moving on to your next product. 

Then I like to go in with my favorite serums. Sometimes ill use all three and sometimes just one but these are my favorites. I love to use Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Niacinamide and Zinc serums. Hyaluronic acid is a product EVERYONE should use!! It helps your skin maintain hydration which is so important! You need to keep your skin hydrated to avoid blemishes, wrinkles and other aging signs. Vitamin C is also a MUST HAVE for ANYONE to have a brighter and more even skin tone. When I say brighter I mean that it helps you get rid of acne skin and pigmentation. The sooner you start to fight skin pigmentation the better it is to keep it in control. The last serum I use often is the Niacinamide and Zinc to help fight acne. This is a product that is gentle on the skin but effective. All three of these products you can use every day both day and night time. 

Right after I will go in with my favorite moisturizer is the St Ives Renewing Collagen and Elastin Moisturizer. I have talked about this one a lot but it’s my absolute favorite. It feels so light but it always keeps my skin so soft and moisturized. I think that this moisturizer is perfect to use at night because it mixes great with other products and oils. Nothing is worse than using products that don’t work well together. Like I mentioned, after my moisturizer, I go in with some oil to give it some extra hydration overnight. I always use either Jasons Vitamin E oil or organic cold-press extra virgin olive oil. Both are amazing so often I will use them together.

This routine never fails me. I always wake up with glowy smoother skin and it helps me avoid breakouts. I love how it’s so easy and there is no need to do anything fancy. Sometimes if I want too, I will use my microneedling tool before but even with that, it takes a second. If you don’t have one already, make a nighttime routine AND STICK TO IT. I promise you will begin to see results and you’ll be just as obsessed as I am. 

All the love, 

Kamila Coellar


Hello loves! It is the beginning of 2020 and I am already planning my next trip. Being the Sagittarius I am, I always have a craving to book a flight and go somewhere. Honestly, I need to find someone who has the same craving and impulsivity as I have when it comes to travel.

I usually finalize all travel plans a week or two ahead before the actual trip. Beforehand, I do like to explore my options so I do have a general idea of what I am planning to do. I tend to see what are some good prices, where to go, where to stay and have several different options. This gives me a greater idea of how much I’ll be spending and how to save some money. Planning a trip is always a bit of a risk because prices tend to fluctuate. Since I am always in charge of planning and booking trips, I’ve learned a few things to ensure that I am booking the best price.

• Flights: Probably one of the riskiest things to buy because you just never know if you are buying it at the right time. I’ve always heard that picking specific travel dates and purchasing the tickets on certain days can be cheaper. The problem is that it doesn’t always work out that way. There are a few things I’ve learned just to ensure your making the right purchase at the right time!

o If you have the time and flexibility for the dates you’re choosing to travel then you have the chance to explore other months and see if there are any patterns. Often you can spot that a specific day tends to be cheaper. Depending on the location buying a flight a specific amount of time ahead time is cheaper. I have booked flights just a few days before traveling at a cheaper price than what I would have booked if I bought it a month earlier. Sometimes different destinations have a pattern of prices because a specific airline flies to that airport on specific days or weeks. These airlines can sometimes be cheaper than others. That’s why it’s helpful to see the differences and similarities on different days and months.

o My GO-TO website for buying flights is Skyscanner. This is the BEST place to find affordable flights or to explore destinations based on price. It’s best if you have time to travel but don’t know where to go. Skyscanner has the explore option where it will show you what is the most affordable destination that month. They also have a great tool to show you if a specific day is cheap, moderate, or expensive to fly on. This is great if you have a more specific timeline but a bit of flexibility. I have compared Skyscanner to many different websites online but they are constantly having the most affordable flights for international travel.

o Google Flights is also great because it will compare different options all at once. This avoids the need for you to search on different websites one by one to find the best flight. It’s also great for giving you an estimation of the possibility of the prices rising or falling. I like to use this website and Skyscanner to have a better idea of what is considered cheap and expensive for the destination I’m planning on going to.

• Hotels: There are a few things you can try out to find a great hotel at a great price. Luckily with hotels, the prices don’t change too much. That means that you don’t need to feel as rushed in the process. Here are a few of the steps I take when booking my stay.

o I like to explore hotel options on Orbitz, Expedia, and Agonda. These three sites generally have great prices but the main reason I look at all three is that they tend to have different options. Sometimes I find that a great option may not be available on all the websites. Using all the websites gives me so many options and I can a solid list of options to compare.

o Google is so great for really finding the best price for the specific hotel of your choice. What I love to do is search the name of the hotel I like and an option will come up showing the different prices of different websites. It’s just like the google flight option and super easy to use. I like using this because sometimes, I will find another website having a random sale on that specific hotel saving you a lot of money. For my birthday trip, the hotel I liked was $50.00 cheaper than all the other websites because this website had a sale going on. It’s so great to look at all your options and in such a simple way.

o Often websites like Orbitz will have coupon codes available to use which can save you a good amount. They are usually 10% off and they send you 15% off for your birthday. The only downside is that not all hotels will accept the coupon. Usually, big chain hotels like Marriott, Hilton, and more don’t accept them. There are still a lot of hotels that do but it’s harder in the US to find a nice hotel that will accept the coupon. When traveling abroad it gets a bit easier. There tends to get a lot more hotel options that are not big brand names but are so luxurious with great room and amenities. These usually do accept the coupon so keep that in mind when booking through Orbitz.

There are the more obvious things like making your food and buying things like sunscreen at home that are also great for saving some money. I love to get a hotel room that has a kitchen or at least a hotel that has breakfast included. That way you avoid going out for a pricy breakfast. I prefer having my kitchen just because sometimes I like to have that healthy option to fall back on. When your traveling you tend to eat out more and if you’re like me you start to miss your healthy homemade food.

Saving some money when it comes to travel is great but don’t stress about it. You deserve some pampering for yourself so, just focus on having fun and enjoying it. You shouldn’t feel guilty for spending money on a vacation because those memories of joy and relaxation are priceless. So go out there, live your life filled with adventure and book that flight you’ve been wanting to buy.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar


Hello loves, it’s been a MINUTE because I was on a mini vacation for my 21st birthday (blog post coming soon!!) & then I got really sick :/ BUT I’m back, still a little bit sick but FEELING GOOD. It is the freaking HOLIDAY SEASON, yessss I love this time of year. Everything is better, happier, and prettier. Here’s the thing, I love winter fashion and snow, but I HATE the actual cold. It’s a struggle, but its okay because I drink some amazing hot chocolate and I am good!! I don’t like buying hot chocolate because it’s usually too sweet and just not for me. For some reason, it leaves me feeling a bit sick or something and I am assuming it has to do with the quality of the sugar and chocolate. So I tend to stick to my moms’ recipe of homemade hot chocolate. It always makes my heart so happy and warm. It’s easy and amazing, so let’s get into the specifics.

The quality of chocolate is huge and it needs to be specific. What you want to look for is pure cacao chocolate, it makes all the difference. You get that rich chocolate taste but not bitter. The kind I like is the one by Pacari the Organic Cacao Paste. This cacao is from Ecuador and I am 100% Ecuadorian, so like what’s not to love. It’s organic, non-GMO, and no sugar added. You only need to use a small amount of the cacao, like the size of a quarter. This chocolate is intense and so pure that a lot isn’t needed to get the flavor. Of course, if you want a richer taste you can use more but I would recommend to add more slowly and taste throughout. That way you don’t over do it!

Once you have your cacao piece ready, you can begin to warm up some milk on the stove and put the cocoa in the milk. You want to stir it in the milk until it dissolves and everything mixes in together well. You can use any kind of milk you want and it will taste fine. I have used skim milk, whole milk, almond milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk and all of them go amazing with the cacao. I prefer a non dairy alternative for a healthier touch.

When everything is melted and blended, pour the milk into a blender. Before blending add your favorite sweetener to taste. I like using monk fruit for a sugar-free option or Manuka honey. The taste that the honey adds is amazing and unique. I completely recommend it.

After you put some of your favorite sweetener blend everything in the blender. I love using the blender because it gives it this amazing foam on the top. It’s like a perfect foamy latte but instead it’s hot chocolate. Sooo good.

I love that this option satisfies your sweet tooth without the processed sugar. You get the amazing antioxidant benefits from the cacao in an organic non-GMO way. It’s so simple and tastes amazing. It’s a must for this winter you guys. Trust me you will be obsessed!! Stay warm loves!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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