Hello loves, how has the beginning of 2020 been for you so far? I hope that it’s been amazing and that you have started this year with glowy skin. The key for me is to stick to my skincare routine. Especially my nighttime one, because that is when I use my best products and IContinue reading “MY NIGHTTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE”

Kicking Up Your Hydration Game

Water, basically the number one thing people tell you to do if you want to improve anything. Clear skin? Every model with perfect baby-like skin will tell you to drink water. Lose weight? Everyone says to drink a literor a gallon of water. Its become the go-to advice which I feel like everyone is kindContinue reading “Kicking Up Your Hydration Game”

Let’s Talk About Collagen

Okay, I have to warn you guys, this post is going to be a bit long, but it’s only because of how amazing the thing I am going to talk about is!!! So stick with me through this long obsessive ramble about collagen. It’s the magical supplement making everyone healthier. Based on the science thereContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Collagen”

Why I Love Using Coffee Grounds For My Skincare Routine

I love finding a new way to use natural ingredients in my beauty routine, for some reason it gets me excited. Finding alternatives to products with harsh chemicals and parables is just so much better for you. The best part is that usually there are simple alternatives, no need to be a DIY expert toContinue reading “Why I Love Using Coffee Grounds For My Skincare Routine”

Sunscreen, A Must Have for Your Skincare

Okay if you know me then you know my obsession with avoiding the sun. I’m talking about always wearing SPF 30, always having sunglasses and a hat, and always doing what I can to block out the sun. so besides being overdramatic let’s talk about why these little obsession are essential for people to getContinue reading “Sunscreen, A Must Have for Your Skincare”

Let’s Talk About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is something that has been getting more popular recently and I am obsessed okay. If you don’t know what Dermaplaning is it’s basically an exfoliating and shaving procedure. It’s usually done with a scalpel-like shaver. For a little while, I was a bit hesitant on trying out Dermaplaning because I was scared to cutContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Dermaplaning”

Why I’m Obsessed With Adding Salt To My Water

I love an easy health hack and one of my current favorites is saltwater. It’s simple, easy, healthy and efficient. To get even more specific we are talking about pink Himalayan Sea salt, not your standard table salt. Himalayan sea salt has so many benefits and really should be the type of salt that youContinue reading “Why I’m Obsessed With Adding Salt To My Water”