Why You Need Seaweed In Your Life

Do you know what I love to eat on the daily? Seaweed! Other than being essential for sushi, it’s crazy good for you. If possible, adding seaweed into your daily diet is an easy way to get so many different benefits.

Let’s talk a bit about iodine because seaweed has a good amount of it. Seaweed can naturally absorb a large amount of concentrated iodine from the ocean. The major thing about Iodine is that it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy thyroid function. Your thyroid needs iodine to be able to function correctly. When your thyroid is working correctly, it helps control weight, fatigue, and a lot more. The daily-recommended amount of iodine is 160 mcg. Eating seaweed can make it a bit easier for you to meet the recommended amount.

Other than iodine, seaweed has a ton of other minerals and vitamins. To name a few it has; 

  • fiber
  • protein 
  • riboflavin
  • thiamin 
  • iron 
  • manganese 
  • copper 
  • zinc
  • vitamin A, C, E, K 
  • folate 
  • zinc
  •  sodium
  •  calcium
  • magnesium

 Like, how efficient is that? Love it! Since seaweed has fiber, it’s a great way to help support your gut health. Fiber even helps delay hunger while helping with weight loss. Seaweed also contains antioxidants that can help prevent cell damage.

Now that you get the hype of it all, do you get why I love adding it to my life? I like to eat plain nori sheets as a snack by itself. I also like adding them to my salads because it mixes well with everything. If the plain nori sheets aren’t for you there are so many different seaweed snacks on Amazon. This Roasted Seaweed with Sea Salt comes with a pack of 24 and its only $11.99.

When I go out to have sushi, I need to order one of my favorites, the avocado roll. Sometimes I will even make some at home because it’s so easy! To make it extra healthy, I’ll use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. Using cauliflower rice is a great low carb option to use. 

I don’t follow a recipe simply because sushi tends to have so many different ingredients and, I like to keep it simple for something quick. 

Here’s how I do it, with a super simple explanation: 

I will make some cauliflower rice, lay it flat on the seaweed, and place some sliced avocado right in the middle. Then, I roll it up super tight and it’s ready.

There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest if you want a step-by-step recipe. As I mentioned, it’s so easy and satisfying. Perfect for that sushi roll craving you know? Enjoy!

All the love,  

Kamila Coellar

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