My Lip Care Routine

I am all about healthy and plumped lips. Having your lips looking full is like wearing some false lashes. By that, I mean that no matter how good your makeup is, it will always look better once you add that extra touch.

When it comes to achieving some cute lips, I keep things simple. I think that overlining your lips is a great option, but I am so bad at it. I get into a perfectionist mindset that it usually ends with me quitting and just taking it off. To make things easier, I prefer an alternative option. There are a few steps that I stick to that work. They make my lips look rosy, full, and it has become an everyday thing. Let’s get into the good stuff!!

First off, the obvious step that makes the difference. Exfoliation is key. It gets your blood flow pumping and gives you a smoother appearance of your lips. Olive oil and sugar are great for a natural lip scrub that isn’t overpriced. Simple, but it works! Mix both until you get a lip scrub consistency. I like to use this right after I get out of the shower. The humidity from the shower softens ups your lips. This makes it easier to exfoliate without overdoing it. I do this about three times a week to not overdo it.

The next step is keeping these babies moisturized. This is essential because nothing is worse than chapped lips! This is such a basic step that helps give your lips a fuller appearance. Here is what I love; at night I use a petroleum-free vaseline. This works great because it lasts all night. Sometimes I will put a bit of vitamin e oil on top too. During the day Burt’s Bees is a MUST. It’s my favorite and, I always have one on me. My personal favorite is the pomegranate one. I always mention this one because it’s so good and, it gives your lips a slight red tint. It’s perfect for a naturally plump look. I also love using the rosy pink vaseline lip therapy. It gives a slight color as well and, it’s great for keeping your lips moisturized all day.

It’s that simple. Take care of your lips, DRINK WATER BECAUSE IT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, and your lips will look super cute.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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