What’s In My Mini-Fridge

Hello loves, I am back with another skincare post. You guys know how much I love skincare so, I’m always excited to share new tips and tricks. I have been in love with my new mini-fridge. It’s so chic and cute. It just goes with the aesthetic. Other than how cute it looks, it’s an amazing product. Having certain products chilled feels amazing on my skin. I am so obsessed and wanted to share exactly what is currently in my mini-fridge.

I love to leave my facial massage tools in my mini-fridge. Specifically, I would like to leave my gua sha tool and my jade rollers to keep them nice and cool to help depuff. It’s also a great way to wake up your skin. I like to use them both in the morning after I shower. It sculpts everything and helps with making you look less tired. Here’s a little hot tip, if you made the mistake at picking at a blemish (a mistake that I hate to make, but it happens!!), use a cold jade roller over the blemish. The cold will help bring down inflammation and redness. The ideal situation would be to make it seem like it never happened so, this might help with that.

I like to also keep a few skincare products that I use in the morning nice and cold. Some of my favorite skincare products to put in the fridge is my hyaluronic acid serum, my vitamin C serum, Jason vitamin C Effect moisturizer , St Ives collagen moisturizer, and an aloe plus rose water mist. If you use any vitamin c, retinol, or other anti-aging products, keeping them in the fridge will help them last longer. That way you are using a product that’s working at its highest concentration for a longer amount of time.

Have you tried chilling your sheet masks? It’s seriously the best and feels amazing!! I always have one or two sheet masks in the fridge. That way they are cold and ready. I love a simple sheet mask because it leaves you moisturized and glowing. That’s why I love adding it to my mini-fridge because having it chilled helps with depuffing and tighten everything up, as I mentioned before. Here’s another hot tip, use your cold jade roller over the mask to make it extra cold and to increase absorption.

I love the convenience of having a mini-fridge in your bathroom. It’s small so it doesn’t take up too much space. I love anything that’s simple and helps with the lymphatic system like this does. If you are interested in getting a mini-fridge I would recommend the one I have! It works great and isn’t too big, perfect for wherever you keep your skincare products. If you have one let me know what are some of your favorite products to put in yours! Okay, wishing you all glowy skin.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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