Hello lovelies, how has your week been so far? Mine has been quite exciting because all of my Zara orders have finally been coming in and I am so excited to wear them! You guys, I made a total of 6 different orders, each having multiple items. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep everything, but we will see! If you follow me on Instagram then, you might of see all of my outfit photos that I am always posting. I’m obsessed with everything fashion, it’s my very first love. So, if you’re into all of that stuff make sure to follow me there.

For this blog post, I decided to do a similar thing but keep track of each look of the week. My Instagram tends to follow a theme that I’m currently working on so, it’s not always what I am exactly wearing right at that moment. In this post, I kept track of what I wore all week to share with you all. Let’s get right to it.

Outfits of the week:

Obviously, I am going to keep things simple. Sunday is usually when I spend the majority of the day at home. My day is usually filled with working, writing blog posts, and taking time for face masks. So like I said, I want to keep things simple and comfy so I go to an oversized hoodie and some biker shorts. If I decided to go out, I’ll change into some black leggings because it’s too cold to go out in biker shorts. If something comes up and I need to go out quickly, adding a leather jacket makes it look a bit more put together. Then I’ll just throw on some black biker boots, and I’m done.

I had to get ready quickly for something that came up so I went to my basic go-to look. My ripped Mom Jeans, a black t-shirt I tucked under my sport bra for a cropped look, my black oversized leather jacket, black biker boots, and my black Gucci belt with a silver GG buckle to tie the whole look together. It’s a basic, and comfy go-to look that looks cute.

You know when you have a new outfit, and you just keep wearing it? That’s what is currently happening with this outfit. I have been in love with my beige baggy pants from Zara. Then I add this white top that I have that’s a bit too long. Instead of just tucking it into my jeans, I’ll wear a sports bra and tuck my shirt into the sports bar. That way it gives a cropped top look. To bring in a darker color to the outfit, I’ll wear my black oversized leather jacket. For my shoes, I wore my white vans with black checkers.

I’m trying to get in the habit of adding more color to my clothes. My closet consists of black, white, and blue. So I’m taking small steps to add more color into my outfit like adding a simple green tank top as I did on Wednesday. Then to get back into my comfort zone I’ll add blue jeans and my black oversized puffer jacket. Finally, I’ll add my white converse to complete the look.

Thursday: I have been loving a complete light toned outfit. Recently I bought this white long puffer coat that I love!!! So I paired it with a long, oversized, beige t shirt and black leggings. I was planning to go ice skating this day so I wanted something comfy!

Friday: I wanted to wear something simple but cute, so I decided to wear my gray straight jeans, nude slightly cropped T-shirt top tucked in. Then, black oversized faux leather jacket and my white Gucci belt.

Saturday I went out to the city and had a fancy dinner so, I had to dress for the part. I have this amazing vintage faux leather coat with a fur trim around the color. Since we were out the whole day I didn’t want my outfit to be overly fancy so, I wore my distressed light blue jeans and a white t-shirt that I tucked into my sports bra.

Okay, that is how the whole week was looking clothes-wise. Like I mentioned before, follow me on Instagram for a deeper look into my fashion side. Let’s chat a bit!!

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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