Hello loves! Welcome to another skincare blog post! So if you didn’t read my previous post from last week, I wrote about my nighttime skincare routine. So, I thought it was fitting to write one about my day time routine, just to give you guys all the specifics.

So, if you read my previous post about my nighttime routine, then you know that it’s a little bit complex. There are a couple of steps and products I love to only use at night. For my day time skincare, I tend to focus on keeping my skin moisturized under my makeup. I don’t want to wear harsh products under the sun to ensure I’m avoiding any sun damage. Plus, I want to make sure that my skin is smooth and hydrated to avoid dryness when I put on makeup.

I love to use hydronic acid to maximize the amount of moister that my skin holds. This is such a game-changer, and it doesn’t feel like your wearing a thick product. It’s light and makes such a huge difference. I will also use Vitamin C serum because it gives your skin a bright glowy look. Then I will use my moisturizer, which is the St Ives Elastic and Collagen Moisturizer. Love love loveeee this one, it works amazing.

If I have some extra time, I’ll go in with a very light layer of oil and use my gua sha. It helps so much with sculpting your face. It removes puffiness and, it’s great to help avoid any wrinkles or fine lines. Think of it almost like a workout for your face by moving your muscles and helping everything stay lifted/sculpted. The oil helps the gua sha tool glide smoother and helps avoid over-stretching the skin. I have previously written a post on gua sha that I will link here if you want some more specific information. It’s something everyone can do and add into their routine by only taking about 5-10 minutes a day.

This small little routine is something that I NEED to do every morning. Sometimes I will add a sheet mask into my routine but, that’s only if I have time. My morning skincare is simple, effective, and quick. It’s the perfect trio. Let me know what your skincare routine for the morning!! I always love to hear some new tips and ideas.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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