So I am very much about living a healthy life. Eat healthy, workout, meditate and you know, really take care of your self. Taking care of yourself also means to treat yourself to stay sane, you know? Listen I’m not going to live my life full of restrictions and avoid eating some ice cream to stay healthy. That being said recently I’ve been obsessed with waffles but from this specific mix.

A little bit of back-story; I think that Disney World has the best waffles ever. Like you have to try them, they’re so good and don’t taste like an ice cream cone like so many waffles do. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the PERFECT waffle. So being obsessed with it, I would always buy some when in Disney. Recently my sister found the exact mix that they used and I was THRILLED to find out that they sold it at World Market for only $8.00. Obviously I went out and bought some and they are SO FREAKING GOOD, I had to share.

So getting into specifics, the brand is Carbon’s Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour. So have only been making the waffles and its so good. The recipe is simple too, so no way you can mess it up. The ingredients you need are one egg, 2 tbsp. of butter, water and a cup of the mix. I am telling you, these are AMAZING. Sometimes I just make them when I’m craving something. Sometimes I have them plain because it does have a slight sweetness in it. When I want something extra I love adding some Manuka honey on top. Manuka honey is great for anti-inflammatory, helps your digestive system and an antioxidant so it’s great health-wise. I find that maple syrup is a bit too sweet for me but if I do use it I always go for an organic one.

Like I was saying before, these come out crispy on the outside and so soft in the inside, the perfect waffle. Nothing is worse than getting a waffle that’s dry, right?? Basically, you need to order these now because you’re missing out!! Happy breakfast loves!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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