Some days I love to wear false lashes. They give you that extra touch and everyone just looks so good with them.

I started using false lashes often when I was a freshman in high school. I started using them because my right eyelashes were literally ripped out during cheerleading practice lol. Basically what happened was that I was basing and the flyer somehow kicked eye. The worst part was that my eyelashes got STUCK on her shoe and most of them ripped off. It happened so fast that I didn’t even notice at first. So since one of my eyes barely had any eyelashes I had to start using false lashes for when I would put makeup one. I didn’t wear makeup to school so it was only when I had to do my makeup for football games and going out.

Since then, obviously my lashes grew back but I still love using false lashes. I don’t wear them too often since I’ve been really into a natural makeup look. Let’s be honest half of the time it’s because I’m too lazy to put them on.

Throughout the years I have tried a few but, I have a current favorite; the Kiss Look Natural Lash in Shy. I’m really specific when it comes to lashes and these are perfect. I love the placement of each individual lash and the slight angle they having. It’s not too much of an angle where it looks to crazy but they have a bit of a fan effect.

They blend in with the lashes very well allowing them to look natural and often like you are not wearing false lashes. These lashes aren’t too long where it’s very obvious but, they do give you that extra length and fullness.

The fullness of the lashes is so important for me too. I don’t love it when it looks too full and it’s just a dark shade of black. Like I mentioned, I want something that blends in with my natural lashes and not be too obvious that they’re fake. The Kiss lashes work amazing for that look I’m going for.

These feel very light on your lashes. That’s important because you want the lashes to open your eyes, not weigh them down and make them look closed.

These lashes are easy to reuse and super affordable. I like to buy the pack of 5 pairs of lashes. The pack of 5 is less than $9.00 at Walmart or 11.99 if you want to order them online through Ulta. If you know how to take care of your false lashes, you can reuse them and they will last for such a long time. I am telling you guys, these babies are amazing and will look good on everyone.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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