Hello loves. I’m back to normal life at home after my short vacay to the happiest place on earth. If you follow me on Instagram @kamilacoellar then you would probably saw all of the photos I’ve been posting on my story! It was a short visit for Mickey’s The Very Merry Christmas Party and The Food and Wine Festival.

Every time I go to Disney I always bring my white drawstring backpack that I got from Forever 21 five years ago. It has been my travel go-to backpack and I’m surprised that it hasn’t broken yet. Anyways, I have been going to Disney three times a year for the past 14 years. Its crazy that it has been that long but I never get tired of it. I feel like I get more excited about it now than the years past. Since I have been going for so long, there are a few things that I’ve learned that are a MUST to bring when visiting during the winter season.

Let’s start with my mini must-haves. Lip balm is a must for me; soft, plump and moisturizer lips are a must always. I also love to bring around tiny Vaseline with me. I always need to have some on me, so it’s a must for Disney. I always bring with me a tiny mirror. It’s so useful and necessary.

Obviously, I have to bring my wallet to spend a crazy amount on anything Disney right? To save space, I use my mini wallet that I got from Marc Jacob. It fits the necessary and has a little pocket for change, which is great! I love mine because it goes really well with anything and matches my black clothing obsession side.

I always bring two chargers with me, my phone and camera charger. Finding a charging outlet is pretty hard so bringing my portable charger is also a must. When I’m in Disney I take an insane amount of pictures and my battery gets used up quickly. I bought this one from amazon and it works so well. I use it for charging my phone and camera. This protable charger saves me and I never have to deal with a dead battery.

I do love taking iPhone pictures but I always have to bring my Sony Camera. I love this one for traveling because the quality is great and it’s smaller than other high-quality cameras. It has a bunch of different settings to help you get the best photo possible. Like I mentioned before I take a lot of photos so its essential to bring some extra memory cards. I always bring one extra and it tends enough.

Snacks, it’s a must because as much as I love some Disney junk food my body always craves something healthy. I love to bring some baby carrots in my bag. It’s a fresh and sweet snack, perfect for waiting in long lines. I also always bring a simple sandwich with me if I’m a bit hungrier, I don’t know why but the sandwiches are always so satisfying lol. Then I like to buy the Emmy Organic Lemon Ginger cookies. These are AMAZING, but if lemon ginger flavor were not your thing I would recommend the cocoa ones. The cocoa cookies taste like a brownie but with some coconut in it. They’re amazing and the ingredients are simple, organic and non-GMO. They’re vegan gluten-free and addictive. Finally, I always bring some water. I never buy water at the park because it tends to be over prices, so I always bring a reusable water bottle to fill up throughout the day!

For all my Disney trips, these tend to be my basics that I bring in my backpack and cannot leave without. Plus I can NEVER go to the park without one of my Minnie ears and my magic band. As soon as I got my first Minnie ears I was hooked and now I have an addiction, but it’s fine because they are so cute. If you guys want to see all my pictures from this trip make sure you’re following me on Instagram @KamilaCoellar and checkout my saved stories. It’s basically like you’re there with me!!

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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