So if it isn’t obvious by now, I am obsessed with anything related to health and wellness. Basically, if there is something that can make you feel better in any way, I want to know what it is and where I can get it. I grew up with my mom always using incense in my house and she always told me how good it is for you. Recently I have started to use incense sticks again and remembered why I used to love them so much as a kid.

If you didn’t now, incense has been around for a long time and often used for religious and spiritual reasons. They’re known to purify the air and your soul. The smoke that comes from burning incense has three major properties that purify the air. These three properties are that it’s antibacterial, fungicidal, and insecticidal. Having a purer form of air around you increase positive energy and moves negative energy away from you. It’s also known to help with depression,anxiety, stress, increases focus, motivation, and creativity.

There is a lot of good that you can get from burning incense but, there are also some dangers that you need to be aware of. The incense smoke can harm you, especially your lungs. That’s why it’s important to also know howto avoid harm by taking a few simple steps. When I use incense I always makesure the windows are open, allowing smoke to go outside. It’s a simple way to lower the amount of smoke you’re exposed to. I also always have a salt lamp nearby. Salt lamps are AMAZING for purifying the air so it will help you avoid any toxic particles. So once yougot everything open and your salt lamp is ready I always make sure I’m not too close to the incense when it is being burned. They tend not to burn for too long either so there is not too much smoke coming from the incense. I would also recommend getting good quality incense from India. They tend to be less toxic and some great smells. I like to light some incense maybe two times a week to get some of the great benefits.

So now for the fun part okay. Let’s talk a bit about what incense are my favorites and why!

  • Cinnamon
    • Perfectfor the holiday season and a scent most will love. It’s known to attract wealth into your life and gives you a warm and comfy feeling. A great one to relaxyour mind and soul. And like I said, perfect for the holiday season so it’s amust this time of year.
  • Sandalwood
    • Such a major one in India for its powerful healing properties. It helps eliminate negative thinking and energies while manifesting changed and opportunities fora better happier life. I just love that whole idea and it gives you a sense of calmness.
  • Vanilla
    • Witha sweet scent like cinnamon, vanilla is supposed to bring bright happy energy into your life. The smell is great for any day and such a classic scent. I love this one for when people come visit.
  • NagChampa
    • Thisone is great for getting in a meditative state. It’s supposed to relax yourmind and increases our spiritual awareness. I love that and it is such a great thing to add to your yoga or meditation routine.

Now obviously once you got your incense, you need to have a little stand for it.There are so many cute ones that they can easily fit in with your aesthetic. I have linked a few of my favorites!

I love how incense sticks smell and you get so many great things from them. They look chic in your room and they are an affordable way to boost your mental health.  Let me know if you guys have tried any and what your favorites are!

All the love & light,

Kamila Coellar

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