Hello loves, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty uneventful, filled with work and self-care. Currently, I have an agave mask on which, I love for several reasons that I will talk about soon on another post. I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about something I have been really into recently. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen on my story a quick video of my golden turmeric latte. Ugh, it Is so YUM and vegan! Super simple, delicious and so good for you because of the amazingness of turmeric. Turmeric is my go-to spice for getting that extra health kick. I will add it to everything and anything. The benefits are amazing and I love how easy it is to add to your day.

Turmeric is something basically everyone has heard about and it’s amazing. There are turmeric lattes, desserts, dressings, and more. People are obsessed and putting some turmeric in basically anything. I am so here for it too!!

One of the most known benefits is its ability to fight inflammation. Turmeric has a substance called Curcumin that helps reduce inflammation in the body. That’s why taking a turmeric supplement or adding turmeric into your food is often recommended for bloating. It’s even helpful for swelling and pain because of its antioxidant. Making a simple paste using turmeric and honey is a great face mask for puffiness and acne. The same mask can be used for swelling and pain on your hands, legs, and more.

Since turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, it also promotes a healthier digestive system. By reducing inflammation and stress in your digestive system, you can break down food more efficiently. The amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that turmeric has can help with muscle movement of your digestive system. Having a stronger and healthier digestive system will also improve your body’s natural process of absorbing nutrients. When your digestive system is working at its most optimal state, your body will look and feel healthier. Adding turmeric into your daily routine you can help prevent acne, weight gain, and more. When it comes to weight gain, turmeric can increase the bile production in your stomach. Bile is a type of liquid that your stomach produces that helps burn fat and increase your metabolism.

The benefits of turmeric go on like breaking down sugar, promoting a healthier and longer life, helps fight cancer and more. It’s the real deal and I try to add it to every meal. Like everything else, the quality of the product is such an important part when shopping. Unfortunately, there are a lot of FAKE turmeric products that you want to watch out for. Many brands will add fillers into turmeric like dust, chalk powder, starch, chemical dyes, and more. It’s kind of insane but true so, you want to take a second look into what you’re buying.

First off, you want to check on the amount of turmeric extract of curcuminoids is in the product. Turmeric without curcumin just doesn’t work as well. Without curcumin, you are missing out on all the benefits. Try to aim for 200 milligrams of Curcumin in every teaspoon of turmeric. This way you will have higher amounts of active ingredients in each serving. These active ingredients are the amazing properties I mentioned before that turmeric has like being anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant.

When you are reading the ingredients label, keep in mind the amount of turmeric root the product has is not as important. A higher amount of turmeric root usually means a lower level of curcumin in each serving. Another thing to look out for is for the product to be label with BioPerine. This will help with the absorption of turmeric and if your body isn’t fully absorbing the nutrients then, you will be missing out on all the benefits. Finally like always, try to aim for organic and non-GMO. Products that are organic and non-GMO help you avoid unnecessary toxic chemicals and consuming a healthier product.

Okay so that was a lot of information and slightly complicated but it is okay I got you!! To make your life a bit easier I did all the research for you and found a great option for you. This Micro Ingredients Curcumin Powder that has Turmeric Extract and Natural turmeric powder is organic, pure and vegan. It contains 95% standardized Curcumin which is exactly what we want!! It’s a perfect option that you can order straight to your house. You can click the link if you want to check it out!

When I cook, I like to always add a bit of turmeric. It’s important to always add FRESH ground black pepper with turmeric. The black fresh ground pepper has this natural oil in it that helps your body absorb the Curcumin up to 2000% more. It’s such a crazy amount for something so simple. I like to add it into my gilled or steam veggies, my protein of choice and even sometimes a bit into my breakfast oatmeal. I will add about half a teaspoon into my oatmeal with a bit of ground pepper that way the bitterness isn’t too overpowering. For my other foods, I’ll add a full teaspoon with ground pepper.

It is so easy to add some high-quality turmeric to your meals. Even though quality products may cost a bit more, you will know that what you’re getting is healthy and will work. I do not want you to buy a low-quality product that does nothing and ends up being a waste of money. You have to try adding some into your life and get those benefits babe.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

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