Jewelry: Golden Edition

I have been obsessed with gold jewelry lately. I feel like golden tones are really in right now and having some gold jewelry is such agreat way to add that extra touch. I’ve been really liking dainty & chains style jewelry. So I found some of my favorite pieces that match the style I’m obsessing over for you to check out.

  • Tessaro Layered Necklace:
    • This one goes perfect with that dainty look I’m aiming for. What I love about this necklace are the two layers and the little coin pendant and the small details. It’s such an easy way to add that little extra gold touch into your outfit.
  • Josephine Coin Necklace:
    • I am obsessed with this one. I love that it’snot too big but definitely an added statement to any look. Once again it has that coin charm and I am currently obsessed with those.
  • Interwoven Ring
  • I love how big the rings are with the simple style. It’s a perfect statement addition without being too overpowering. Plus there is no need to add additional rings. It’s made from sterling silver and plated in 24-carat gold.
  • Organza Flower Earrings
  • If you want a gold statement piece with a touch of color, this is the one for you. I love the drop earrings look and the blue color tone. Plus the small details of the pearls and gems are such a cute touch.
  • Tia Textured Ring Set
  • Sets are always a great way to have a really put together look when it comes to jewelry. I love the simplicity of each individual ring and how the whole look goes together. Perfect for any occasion!!
  • Remedy Rope Chain Necklace
  • Okay, this one is just SO CUTE. I love the tightness of each chain in this one, makes it look more simplistic but a slight statement piece. I feel like this one is perfect for day and night, def going to have to buy it for myself.

All of these are so cute and so affordable; I’m tempted to buy all of them. Let’s hope I have some self control!!!

All the love,


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