Okay, we NEED to talk about warm water with. This is a MAJOR game changer for your health and something that I am trying to make a habit of. Warm water with lemon juice is something that is often talked about but not always practiced, myself included. Recently on my trip to Ecuador, I was drinking warm water with FRESHLY squeezed lemon every morning and learning about its major benefits. I love how something so simple can improve your overall health. This is the kind of stuff I live for guys, I LOVE an easy addition to my day for some CRAZY good benefits.

Lemon is pretty famously known for its high amounts of vitamin C and one of my favorite things for skincare. Adding some lemon to warm water in your day can be great for your skin by brightening your skin and fighting acne. Lemon and warm water can even help with again by preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging. It’s also great for helping your skin stay hydrated.

Lemon with warm water will help your whole body stay hydrated and maintain PH levels by adding electrolytes into your body. When your body is well hydrated its ability to digestive food is a lot easier on your body. Warm water and lemon is so great right in the morning on an empty stomach because it almost wakes up your digestive system. By having this 30 minutes before you eat, you will feel less bloated and sluggish after you eat. Warm water and lemon in the morning even detoxes your body and helps cleanse your liver. Such a great way to flush out toxins right in the morning and helping your body prepare for the rest of the day. It’s even known to help people lose weight by promoting the Polyphenol antioxidant that helps with weight loss while improving insulin resistance.

Lucky Warm water and lemon is simple and fast. Like I mentioned before its best to drink some right in the morning before breakfast. I like to try to have it 20-30 minutes before I eat it because it gives my body more time to digest all of it allowing it to get the most benefits possible. What I do is warm up some water in a teakettle and squeeze a half or a whole lemon depending on how much water I want to drink or how big the lemon is. I would recommend drinking about 8oz of warm lemon water in the morning as a minimum. If you want to drink more I wouldn’t go over one whole lemon just to not overdo it with the citrus. It’s also important to do warm water not boiling. One it’s easier to drink without burning yourself and its more gentle on your stomach.

Warm water with lemon juice is major and something everyone needs to add to your morning every morning. I am currently working on getting this into a habit that I just need to do every morning but sometimes I completely forget about it! Either way, I am trying my best to make it into a habit because the benefits are just so amazing to not have every day. Try it out loves and take in the benefits of this cute little lemon.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar  

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