It is getting COLD here in Chicago and I have some major mix feelings about it. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cold, I love the things that come with winter. Like by November 1st I am already blasting Christmas music and I love shopping for winter clothes. Winter fashion is my absolute favorite, coats, pants, and accessories. It’s just so much easier to look really chic and put together in the winter. Here are some must-haves for this winter and to have some killer additions to your daily looks.

  • Soft Scarf
    • I love this one; the color is right up my aesthetic and looks so warm. I also really like the length of the scarf, such a cute addition on to any look.
  • Heurueh Hybrid Earmuffs
    • Okay everyone needs some earmuffs for the winter okay. They’re essential to keeping your ears warm and these are adorable. I am definitely going to buy these.
  • Faux Leather Gloves With Chain Trim
    • I got these last year but mine had a silver trim! I LOVE them; anything that has some leather looks so chic. I love the extra touch of the chain on the bottom too. I would so recommend these!!
  • Scarf-470 Pink
    • I love an oversized scarf. Like its an accessory that goes with any outfit and looks cute while it being like a huge blanket to keep you warm. I love that it has a mix of colors because if you’re like me, most of my winter clothes are black so adding some colors with accessories is ideal.
  • Corduroy Bucket Hat
    • Okay, I am in love with this one. LOVE the corduroy fabric and the off white color. This will go easy with any outfit and look cute on any outfit.

Stay warm and look cute!!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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