Hello,hello loves, can we take like a quick second to talk about tea? Seriously myfavorite thing all day every day, especially because in the winter it gets waytoo cold and I hate it. I’m convinced that I am meant to live somewhere like Hawaii but unfortunately I live in Illinois. Soooo not quite the right place. I mean it’s fine, eventually I will have to move to Hawaii or something.

ANYWAYS…  You’ve heard about how good tea is for you right? It is a great healthy caffeine boost, helps digestion, anti-inflammatory and great for your metabolism. The thing is not all tea is equally as good foryou so making a small switch on the brand and quality could make a huge difference for your health! This small switch is as simple as switching to loose tea instead of bagged. So to avoid toxic tea here are a few things youneed to know.

Okay so first, let’s talk a bit of the process of making bagged tea. The product actually in the tea-bags are the small left-overs from the broken tea leaves because it’s more convenient for the manufacture to fit into the bags. Not the quality we want for our tea. Then the remaining parts need to be finely chopped.When the tea-leaves are broken down into super fine pieces a lot of the essentialoils and aromas are broken down and lost. For manufacturers using a lower quality and “tea dust” is often better for them. Tea dust is considered to be toxic and could cause health problems like liver damage. MAJOR I know but true. The quality of the leaves is not the only potentially toxic part of tea but also the tea bag itself.

Now let’s get into the specifics of most tea bags. Most tea bags are made of cellulose and cotton. Cotton is one of the crops that have the most chemicals sprayed on when in the process of harvesting. Eventually, tea bags are manufactured are both cellulose and cotton are covered with chemicals making it possible to hold its shape under boiling water. Since tea bags are not considered food for obvious reasons, it’s not tested to standard food safetystandards. Basically, you are boiling the chemicals in the tea bags and drinking all of the chemicals. Not something we want to do!!!

Luckily avoiding poor quality tea is pretty easy to avoid. First off lose tea tends tobe in a more whole form, making it easier to prevent “tea dust”. If you don’thave any lose tea, open up one of the tea bags you have a take a look to see if the leaves are in whole form or dust. Another key sign for poor quality tea is when it leaves a dark right on the inside of your mug. This is such a huge indicator of poor quality and such an easy way to tell.

Next up is looking into the ingredient list. You want to avoid teas that have“natural flavors and colors”. These natural colors and flavors tend to be full of chemicals. Also, try to avoid the more obvious chemical flavors lie“strawberry cheesecake”. Sticking to natural leaves flavors and fruits tend tocontain fewer chemicals for flavoring and coloring. Loose tea is the best way to be drinking pure tea and using a tea strainer helps you avoid using a toxic tea bag. If you can find an organic loose tea you are golden baby!!

Okay,of course I had to find some healthy tea options because I can’t live without some tea in my life. Down below are some options that I love.

•    Rishi Organic Lose Tea:

o These teas are some great options, some of my favorites are the Turmeric Ginger, Chamomile. These are organic and caffeine-free.

•    The Tea Spot

o    I love the amount of options and diverse types of benefits that each tea targets. The Hibiscus Cucumber organic tea targets bloating and promote optimal digestion. Some other favorites are Natural Glow, and Meditative Mind organic tea. They offer it in sample size and bulk sizes.

Okay,now that we have our tea set, ready and healthy you get to find some cute tea steeper, which is fun. I have found some that I love and have attached them down below!

You guys I first learned about how toxic tea can be, I kind of freaked and had to find an alternative. I drink tea EVERYDAY so it was essential to find something that wasn’t toxic. Luckily it wasn’t hard at all and I am back to enjoying my NON-TOXIC bomb tea.  Whatever flavor you may enjoy, there are healthy options out there. Even using fresh herbs is an amazing option for your daily tea. So, go out and buy your self some healthy and safe tea to enjoy in this cold weather!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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