Why You NEED Silk Pillow Cases

You guys know if obsessed with skincare so I am always thinking of ways to help maintain it looking healthy and glowy. Besides having a good routine it’s important to think of your habits throughout the day. Things like avoiding touching your face, drinking water and taking notice of how sleeping affects your skin. This is why I’m obsessed with silk pillowcases and bed sheets.

Think about, you spend hours of your day with your face on your pillowcases and bed sheets. During that time your skin is having constant contact with whatever is on those sheets, and its effect it has may not be too obvious. See regular sheets are different from silk because they absorb more bacteria. Silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that they are resistant to dust, fungus, mold and other bacteria. When your skin is in contact with normal cotton sheets its a lot easier for your skin to absorb all of that gross junk with leads to things like clog pores and acne, not the ideal situation. Plus silk contains fewer chemicals than regular bed sheets, which mean you’re exposed to chemicals, are reduced. Usually, most of the fabrics we use for bed sheets are exposed to chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments that are necessary for the production of the fabric. Silk has a much simpler way of production meaning it has far less exposer to those harsh chemicals.

Silk is also amazing for maintain a healthy amount of moister in the skin. Most regular fabrics will absorb a lot of the moister on your skin meaning that a lot of the products you have on your skin are going to waist. With silk, it’s the opposite of helping your skin maintain its natural moister and get the best of your products. Plus the extra moister prevents aging which is always a plus.

 The same thing goes for your hair by keeping your hair soft. One thing I have noticed is that my hair is smoother and less tanged when I wake up. Since silk helps it maintain a healthier state I have even noticed less breakage and split ends!

Silk can be a bit on the higher end side but it’s easy to find a more affordable option. For example, if you use a sleeping mask like I do making the small switch to one that’s silk is such a great option. I got mine on Amazon here for less than $10.00 and I got it in this chic pink color going well with my aesthetic. I would also recommend starting with getting silk pillowcases if you can’t afford both bed sheets and pillowcases. There are a bunch of options that are affordable from $20.00 to $50.00, a small expense but worth it!! This Alaska Bear Natural Pillowcase Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillow Casefrom amazon is a great affordable option for natural silk pillowcases. It has over 5,000 reviews and four and half stars out of five and for only $22.99. This is the same brand as the sleeping mask that I mentioned and both are such great quality. Plus they have so many color options. I would personally go for the light pink or the classic white. Lastly, if you prefer not to make an expense as large I would go with a satin fabric. Satin will also promote more hydration on both your skin and hair while also not holding as much bacteria in the fabric. It’s a much more affordable price with the benefits being almost as effective as silk. Plus it’s a much better option than regular fabric! A great option for satin pillowcases is these Bedsure Satub Pillowcases by Bedsure on amazon. They have over 4,000 reviews with four and a half stars out of five! They’re so affordable at only $9.99 for a pair of two and they have 14 different colors to fit your aesthetic. Like how cute will these look on your bed!!

Making small changes like this makes a big difference. There is a reason that there is such a big hype with silk fabric and the best part there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on it! Silk just feels so soft and luxurious, it’s such a chic way to treat yourself, you know? Like, you deserve the best so why not get some silk pillowcases. 

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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