Coconut Oil Pulling

Dental hygiene is a huge part of my daily self-care routine. Is it weird that one of my favorite compliments to get is that I have great teeth? It might be because I was so self-conscious when it came to my teeth before but since Invisalign my teeth are starting to get to where I want them to be.

Besides getting my teeth straightened out, whitening them is a major step in my dental care routine. I used to do some DIY natural whitening that didn’t work and those at-home teeth whitening strips were so pricey and so bad for your teeth too. When I read how whitening strips can strip off your enamel from your teeth I knew that using these products was not for me. As per usual I did some research on natural ways to whiten my teeth and there was a ton but most seemed too complicated. I wanted something accessible and simple, and then I read about the benefits of coconut oil for dental hygiene.

This was perfect because I use coconut oil daily!! I use it to take off my make up and as a body moisturizer, so having something that I already had in my bathroom skincare drawer was easy. It’s important to not use just any coconut oil okay? Like we want to get the most out of it, so make sure to get one that’s cold press and organic. Lucky coconut has blown up in recent years so finding one that’s organic and cold press isn’t too hard.

So when it comes to teeth whitening and general dental hygiene using coconut oil is simple and easy. After you’re done brushing your teeth like you normally would scoop up about a half of a tablespoon and just pop it in your mouth. You want to make sure you have enough to swish around your mouth. Most likely it will be in its solid form so give it a few seconds in your mouth before it begins to melt. You can do this for as short as 10 minutes but I tend to go for the 20-minute range. To not waste any time I’ll pop some coconut oil into my mouth before going into the shower and as I’m taking a shower ill just swish it around my mouth. If I happened to take a quick shower I will keep doing it as I do my skincare routine.

One thing to remember is that when you are done make sure not to swallow the coconut oil because it’s picking up all of the leftover bacteria in your mouth and it’s not something you want to digest. Once you’re done swishing it around your mouth and you spit it out then boom, you are done!! I swear if you add oil pulling into your routine once a day for a week, the difference will be noticeable. Also, people believe it can help with gum diseases or infections and cavities so why not try it right?

Using this oil pulling method is such a great and natural way to get your teeth whitened. Whitening without causing any harm to your teeth is major so you can be at ease when using this method. Plus getting constant compliments on how white my teeth is, isn’t too bad either. Basically coconut oil pulling till the day I die!!!

All the love,  

Kamila Coellar

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