Whats In My Carry-On Skincare Bag

I recently got back from my trip to Ecuador and I am already starting to plan for my next trips in these upcoming months. I am constantly wanting to explore new places throughout the world but sometimes the biggest issue is finding a travel buddy who’s available, you know? So getting everything organized from things to do, when to go, and what to pack is something I always like to get specific in.

Organization is key when it comes to packing, it just makes everything easier. I like to plan out outfits ahead of time, make sure I have all necessary accessories and self care items packed and ready to go. When it comes to my carry on I make sure that my backpack is as organized as possible making it easy to travel with. I always divide up everything on my carry on by using little makeup bags. An essential part is my plane ride skincare routine bag.

When I travel I do not like to wear makeup, especially on long trips. Sticking to my skincare routine is key for me during traveling so not wearing any makeup makes it easier. I want to avoid any breakouts possible, they’re just not a cute addition in any travel pictures. I’ve noticed that for me it’s all about keeping my skin clean and hydrated. I want to avoid any annoying, dry flaky patches or clogged pores from appearing. Lucky a 10+ step plan isn’t necessary for me, I simply use about 4 different products, all that easily can be travel size friendly.

So let’s start with keeping your skin fresh and clean. I always like to bring about 2-3 wipes in my carry on. What I do is pack the three wipes in a small sandwich bag which takes up a minimal amount of space. Then i’ll put some toner in a travel squeeze bottle or any other container that’s easy to use.  For toner, I will put a bit of the product on a cotton ball to wipe my face for that extra clean feeling. Toner helps with removing oil, dirt and more from your face so it is such an easy way to keep your skin feeling clean.

Here’s a tip, I never throw away any containers that I have from serums or any other product that uses a droplet. Using a droplet makes using any liquid product so much easier when flying on a plane. A lot of the products I use are not in a travel friendly sized so being able to fill the small container up is such a great way to bring what you need. Nothing is worse than having to throw out your favorite product when going through airport security.

After getting everything set and having a clean base, i’ll start moisturizing. Sheet masks are amazing for this and so easy to work with. I like for all of the products to be completely absorbed so depending on the type of sheet mask i’ll use this could take 30 minutes to an hour. Yes, it takes some time but trust me your skin will GLOW. Plus you’re on a plane so other than doing some work, watching tv or sleeping, there isn’t much to do. Why not maximize your time with some skin appreciation? I love the RATA & CO. New Zealand Naturals sheet masks because the amount of product that comes with each mask is amazing and so is its quality. Sheet masks product tend to have a water-like feel but this one is a bit thicker, giving you an even better-moisturized feel. The three that I have used and LOVED are the activated charcoal and manuka honey mask, the radiance boosting vitamin c mask, and the nourishing rosehip and raspberry oil mask. I would not recommend the activated charcoal for a plane ride simply because it does have a dark tint in the product. That means once your done with the mask you would have to wipe your face to remove the black left over product. A wipe will easily remove all remaining product but if you want to avoid that step, I would suggest sticking to the two other masks. This mask is great for fighting acne so I would definitely recommend bring it along your trip just in case you’re dealing with some breakouts!

I will usually use my jade roller when I have a sheet mask. This will help maximize the absorption of the product while giving you some lymphatic drainage. Goodbye puffy travel skin, hello tight sleek hydrated skin. If you’re feeling a bit awkward from using a sheet mask on the plane, honestly it’s not a big deal, your skin will thank you.

So once I’m done with the sheet mask and my skin is looking fresh i’ll go in with some moisturizer. I pack my St Ives Collagen Moisturizer and a little goes a long way with this one so I pack it in a small container. I use these cute tiny Clinique containers I got from Ulta for free. They have these for you to get samples of their products and have become so useful for traveling. They’re small and very durable so if you are ever at your local Ulta ask for a sample and take advantage of these babies.

For me, the key for traveling is to stick to this little routine. At times I may go in with my moisturizer maybe one to two more times depending on how long I’m on the plane for. In general adding some skin care routine in during traveling has helped me keep my skin looking clear and smooth. Like I have mentioned before its easy, efficient and effective.

It’s also important to mention that drinking water will make all the difference!!! I am always making sure that I am drinking plenty of water. Water is essential because of how much water your body looses on a flight. It’s estimated that women lose around 1.6 liters of water on a 10 hour flight and men lose 2 liters. Aka pass me two liters of water please!!!

Anyways, like always I’m very specific when it comes to skincare or anything else but always wanting to find improvement. If you have any recommendations for products to try let your girl know!!!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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