Kicking Up Your Hydration Game

Water, basically the number one thing people tell you to do if you want to improve anything. Clear skin? Every model with perfect baby-like skin will tell you to drink water. Lose weight? Everyone says to drink a literor a gallon of water. Its become the go-to advice which I feel like everyone is kind of tired of hearing. I’m not saying that drinking water isn’t a major partof being healthy in several different ways but we all know that usually, theperson is doing more than just drinking a cup of water.  The truth is that water is a large part ofbeing healthy but there are things you can add to your routine to make thebenefits even greater.

I love anything that helps with digestion because we are always trying to avoid any inflammation. I personally always preferred cold water but I started to read about why room temperature water just works better for your body. First of all room temp water is easier for your body to rehydrate with, which is the basic main goal when drinking water.  When drinking room temp or warm water it can help make digestion easier. Cold water can often make digesting fat in food more difficult making the digestive system slow down. Plus room temperature water is supposed to help speed up your metabolism which is always a plus.

Okay, so we got the room temp water set to go now this is the part where I will add all sorts of things. One thing I love is to add some organic pink Himalayan salt into my water. This method is also called Sole Water and is believed to bring good energy into your body. Sole water is a great way to add electrolytes into your day and prevent dehydration and maintaining a healthy level of fluid. Drinking salt water will also improve your body’s natural process of detoxification. When I add salt into my water I always make sure to use an organic pink Himalayan salt like this one from amazon.

Other than pink salt I love to add some pure potassium powder into my water. My favorite kind is this one i bought from amazon. It is completely flavorless and dissolves completely which is essential for me. I hate it when products don’t dissolve completely in my drink so this worked out great. Potassium is so important to have in your diet for so many reasons which you know I’m going to tell you all about. First it’s one of the most important minerals in the body and people often highly underestimates its importance. When you add it into your water it produces positively charged ions which is why it’s considered an electrolyte. Potassium also helps prevent water retention which means goodbye inflammation. It also helps regulate your fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. Yes, potassium can be found in many foods but I love to add some extra into my water. So I generally drink all of my drinks from my favorite glass jar which is 24oz. every time I drink some I will add 1/4 of a teaspoon every time. I find that this amount is perfect and since I try to drink the whole jar of water about 5 times a day I make sure I’m not overdoing it with the potassium.

I also love putting freshly squeezed lemon into my water. Ifeel like everyone loves to add some lemon into their water for some extrahealth benefits and I am one of these people!!! That extra bit of vitamin c Ilove just for your general health especially your skin. Vitamin helps your skinstay glowy, young, and improves sun damage. Lemon water first thing in themorning also helps with digestion because it works as a cleans while keepingyou hydrated.  With the cleanse it helpsavoid any buildup of toxins which makes it easier for your body to digest. 

Okay, the last thing I add is apple cider vinegar. It’s so good with healing your body with digestion while cleansing the body. Okay if you decide to try out the apple cider vinegar I strongly suggest using a straw!! You do not want to drink it straight because the acid can ruin your teeth which is not something we want. So I love apple cider vinegar on my salads but I’m not a huge fan of drinking it straight. I mix it with some water and a bit of salt when I sip on it. The salt kind of adds this boost on the sweetness that for me makes it a bit easier to drink. Apple cider vinegar is great if you have trouble digesting food and want to avoid any inflammation. It’s also linked to being something to help with weight loss. A lot of people claim that this helped them lose water weight, fat and even speed up your metabolism which are all great things so why not give it a shot right? If you know anything about apple cider vinegar you might now that they aren’t all the same. The most important thing is that it has what’s called “the mother” okay? This is where all the healthy stuff is at. When apple cider vinegar contains “the mother” it means that it also contains enzymes that are great for your digestion. A great option for apple cider vinegar is Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 16 Fl Oz from amazon or you can buy it at your local grocery store. 

Overall adding these little additions to your water can makea difference simply because you’re adding additional benefits to something youshould be doing every day. Something I love to do is mix lemon juice, pinksalt, and potassium into the water. Make one whole cleanse drink that tastesgood and can be a bit addicting. Their simple things to add and such an easyway to step up your health.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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