Let’s Talk About Collagen

Okay, I have to warn you guys, this post is going to be a bit long, but it’s only because of how amazing the thing I am going to talk about is!!! So stick with me through this long obsessive ramble about collagen. It’s the magical supplement making everyone healthier. Based on the science there are plenty of benefits that will make you realize that you should be adding it to your daily diet.

Here’s the deal though, there is a lot to finding the right brand and kind. I didn’t want to simply get the first one I found. Prices vary for collagen and I didn’t want to spend money on something that wouldn’t give me any type of benefit. So I did my usual research and started looking for the type I thought would work best for me. Before I get into the specifics on what to look for in the collagen, let’s talk about all the amazing benefits.

Taking a collagen supplement will help your body with its natural ability to produce collagen. That’s so important, especially since your body begins to decrease its ability to do so around the time you turn 25. Collagen plays a big roll in your skin, bones and general health.

You’ve probably heard about how amazing it is for your skin and one of the reasons is because collagen helps you with preventing wrinkles and dryness. People have found that after taking collagen the appearance of fine line or wrinkles fades. They also notice that their skin is a lot more hydrated. Collagen improves elasticity by promoting the production of proteins like elastin and fibrillin. That’s why it was a must for me because I love my anti-aging additions. Listen it is never too early to start preventing wrinkles!!

Let’s also talk about hair and nails because this baby helps that too. Collagen increases the strength of your hair and nails. That means your hair and nails won’t break as easily. They both will grow faster and look a lot healthier, something I noticed fast.

Collagen is amazing for your points, muscles, and bones. It helps relieve joint pain while lowering inflammation. Aka, better joint support and it prevents bone loss by adding more bone mineral density. The protein helps boost your muscle mass so you get a stronger and leaner look. That’s why I love to add some collagen in my post-workout breakfast shake.

Gut health is huge for me, which was what lead me into looking into collagen and its benefits. It turns out collagen is amazing for your gut health. Your gut needs to have a permeable barrier to work at its optimal level. Collagen is great for promoting better digestion by treating intestinal permeability. It’s supposed to help reduce bloating and other digestive related issues. That’s why it also helps with weight loss while also helping speed up your metabolism. Plus it even helps your liver and its detoxification function.

Now that I finished my obsessive ramble about how great collagen is I’m going to keep this next part simple for you guys and talk about the specifics. There are five different types of collagen but I’m going to stick to the main three. The first one is type 1 and it’s best for your nails, hair, and skin. Type 2 is best for your joints and anything related to bone-like pain. Type 3 is the second most important one for your skin hair and nails because it’s the second most abundant collagen in the human tissue.

Collagen is easy to find, you might even have products that contain collagen in your house right now. Some of those items can be things like meat, bone broth, gelatin, and more. You can also get collagen in a supplement form and you can purchase just about anywhere. I prefer to take collagen through a powder supplement just because I feel like you have more control on the type of college and the amount.

People recommend taking around 10,000 MGs (11g) to see results within 8 to 10 weeks. If you want to just maintain your collagen production and your health, its recommend taking 2500 to 5000 MGs.

There are two collagen supplements that I would recommend because of their quality and price. Both have amazing reviews and are not too pricy. The first one is this one off of Amazon. Then when I’m looking for collagen, I am looking for something that will target my skin and nails. You should also know that even though some collagen products are more designed towards things like the health of your skin and nails, it doesn’t mean that it won’t also help your bones and joints. All it depends on the combination of the types of collagen that we talked about before. This one from Amazon consists mostly of type one and type three.  The main reason I like making this for breakfast after my work out is because of the protein. One servings which is 11 g has 40 calories and 10 g of protein so that’s a pretty good amount to add for after my workout. Plus this specific supplement has 40 servings per container and is under $30. It’s also important to note that this brand of collagen is made from grass-fed animals, another great benefit. On Amazon, it has 2155 reviews and it’s a 4.7 out of five stars, amazing right? For my own experience, it works great with blending and it doesn’t have any taste.

So this next collagen is the one I’m going to get as soon as I run out of my current one. This collagen is made from Dr. Axel and it’s a multi collagen protein powder. That means it has all five types of collagen. This one has 45 servings per container but the servings are 10.2 g. Now because of this, it does mean that the calories are lower compared to the other one at 35 calories per serving but this also means that you get a lesser amount of protein. This one has 9 g of protein, which is still a great amount! Here’s the other thing, it is pricier than the one I mentioned from Amazon but since it has all five types of collagen you are getting even more benefits. This one is $44.95 and they offer a deal that if you sign up for their emails and get $10 off so, you’re saving a good amount from that. When comparing the price difference isn’t too much from Amazon so its worth the extra splurge. They also have an option where you subscribe to receive collagen every month and save 15% while getting free shipping! Great deal if you want to continuously use this one. I should also mention that this has over 9000 reviews and it’s rated 4 1/2 stars out of five so it’s a pretty promising product.

So do you guys get why I am so obsessed with collagen now? It’s the real deal guys and like who doesn’t want to feel healthier. You just have to try it out and let me know what products you use because I’m always up for recommendations. I want to make a clear that it takes time to get results, just like anything else that works. We don’t want to quick fix, we want long-lasting fixes that will help your body get to a healthier state. If you couldn’t tell by my blog, long-term wellness is what I’m all about. My goal is to become a healthier person in any way possible, mind, body, and soul. That’s what I want for you guys too.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar  

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