Clothing Haul

Online shopping is one of my favorite things. It’s saves time and I can stay home, with a face mask, drinking some tea while getting my retail therapy done. Also love the fact that they offer free shipping and returns. That being said recently I did some shopping and I thought that I would share some of my favorite purchases.


The first thing I bought was this Wrap Mini Dress. This summer I got really into this light sea green color and this dress matched that aesthetic perfectly. Honestly, I love wrap dresses. I feel like they look so good with any body type, they make the waist look snacked and the v neck shows off your girls that we always love.

The next dress I bought followed the sea-green aesthetic. This Puff Sleeve Mini Dress surprised me on how much I liked the dress. It has that boho vibe but has such a great shape to maintain a flattering form while being so comfy. Seriously, the material is so soft and slight, perfect for summer.

Nasty Gal

If you haven’t noticed, Dalmatian print midi skirts are very chic and very on trend right now. I found this really cute Dalmatian Wrap Skirt and for such a good price that I had to buy it. It fits flattering and I love that it has this slit on the side since it’s a wrap skirt, giving it that extra touch of chic. 


Cold weather is almost here which means I needed some jeans. I wanted something different and loved these Wide Leg Jeans in the color Gray. I love the straight high waisted look they give and the color is amazing. Plus it’s a bit distressed on the end adding a bit of a biker look that I love. I’m not really feeling the skinny jean look this year so this was perfect. Just note that these are actually quite long, with heels they will look fine but wearing shoes with no height might be an issues. At least it was for me and I’m 5’6.

Next up I bought these Ripped Mom Fit Jeans in the color Blue. I love some light distressed looks so this was perfect while not overdoing it. Maybe it’s just me but these actually fit just below my ankles so its perfect to wear down or fold them a bit. Just perfect for a classic white tee, leather jacket, and jeans look.

Princess Polly

For some reason I couldn’t find a sweater I liked for a while so I was excited when I found one online at Princess Polly. The one I got was the Winter Wonder Knit Jumper in the color Black and White.  I’ve always loved the oversized look and this went perfectly with it. This sweater gives a slight oversized look without looking too big you know? I love to wear it off shoulder on one side. It’s comfy, soft and not too long so easy to wear with anything. I just love feeling comfy when I’m out while looking put together, that’s the goal.

Then I got something a bit different than what I would usually get but I thought why not just go for it. I got this Vans City Slicker Bucket Hat. Since it was on sale they don’t have it anymore but a photo of it is in the blog photo above. If I find it I will make sure to attach a link to it!! Anyways, the hat was different than my usual style so I was surprised on how much I loved it. I love adding a sporty masculine touch to my outfits and I felt like this would be such an easy addition to achieve that. Plus the black and white colors make it easy to wear with just about anything.

I have wanted a midi skirt for a while and love the Motel Saika Skirt Rust I found on Princess Polly. I loved how the model wore it in the pictures giving off that biker chic look and I loved the long slit it has. I feel like this is such an easy piece to wear casually or to dress it up with some heals.

Pretty Little Things

So I actually ordered 5 things from here and only kept two. I feel like PTL can be risky at times but luckily I actually really liked two of the items. First off was this Sand Ultimate Oversized Hoodie. I wanted a neutral color oversized hoodie that I could wear with anything and this one worked out great. I did get a size medium because I wanted it to be longer but honestly I think a size small would have looked great. I still like the medium one so I decided to keep it.

Then I got the Washed Black Raw Hem Mom Shorts. I like these but I don’t love them. I got them for $14.00 because there was a sale so that was nice but obviously for the price, the quality isn’t the best. Plus I wish they were a bit darker. I feel like in the photo the color looks more even through out the fabric than they actually are in person. They do look cute on and they’re really fitting for the biker shorts trend so I’m pretty happy with them.


So I bought the cutest bag every from here, I’m obsessed and I cant wait to wear it. I bought the Mini Croc-effect Bag in Pastel Yellow and it is so much cuter in person. I have been looking for a tiny bag like this and its perfect. I can actually fit a few things in it so it’s actually useful too. Also I’ve loved the color yellow lately but haven’t found anything that I would want to wear so this was the perfect thing to add to my outfits.


I have wanted a pair of heals that are tiny making it a lot easier to wear out all day. I want something that’s comfy and chic so I was so excited when I found these Calvin Klein Monty Thong Sandals. I. AM. SO. IN. LOVE!!! First of all, they will literally go with anything!! Biker shorts and an oversized hoodie? YES!! Jeans and a t-shirt? Yes honey!! Little black dress for a night out? I MEAN DUH!? You guys these are currently my favorite shoes and they are the cutest thing ever.

So out of all of the clothes I ordered these were the ones I decided to keep and I love them. They’re all exactly what I was hoping for and I can’t wait to wear them all like 100 times.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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