Getting Smooth and Hydrated Skin

I like to have routines for a lot of things. I like to be specific and have certain things organized and then other parts of my life are a big mess.  But one of the things I get really specific in is my skincare.

Smooth moisturized skin is like my favorite thing, like we do not want to be having a dry moment in life. I find that the best way to achieve this is to stick to a specific routine. Doing a skincare routine pre and post-shower is the best time simply because your skin will absorb the most amount of product than any other time of the day.

There are two steps, really simple and really easy. First step before you get into the shower you would want to start dry brushing. Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like and so good for you. First off its great for exfoliation and getting rid of dry skin. It also prevents ingrown hair and unclogs pores meaning your newly shaved legs will look killer. Dry brushing is also great for lymphatic draining and increases blood flow which I love!!!¬† You want to use a natural bristled brush and start from your feet brushing upwards towards your heart. One brush that I love is this one from amazon. In the torso and back section, you would want to do circular motions. Make sure to be gentle when you first start, you don’t want to harm your skin. After you’re down with your whole body step into the shower and wash off the dead skin.

After I’m done taking a shower I drench myself in Organic Cold Press Coconut oil. I always prefer an oil than a body lotion because of all the toxic chemicals that are so often found in body lotions. Things like parables, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (honestly just with the extra-long name like that you know something isn’t right) artificial fragrances, artificial coloring and more. Coconut oil is simple and it gets the job done. Plus you get a post glow that you don’t get from other products.

So let’s get into why coconut oil is so worth the hype for your skin. Coconut oil has properties that can kill bacteria and can reduce inflammation. Some even claim that it helps treat acne which is always a great bonus. Although coconut oil is great for keeping your skin hydrated you may want to be cautious of using it as a face moisturizer. I used to use it as a moisturizer but it caused my face to get a bit flakey, so I would make sure to watch out for that when it comes to your face. Other than that I haven’t had any problems with it and I am living my best-moisturized body life. Happy glowy girl right here.

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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