Why I’m Obsessed With Adding Salt To My Water

I love an easy health hack and one of my current favorites is saltwater.

It’s simple, easy, healthy and efficient. To get even more specific we are talking about pink Himalayan Sea salt, not your standard table salt. Himalayan sea salt has so many benefits and really should be the type of salt that you use for everything, especially for cooking. The main difference between the two types of salts is that Himalayan salt has over 84 traces of minerals while traditional table salt is over 97% sodium which can cause major problems when it comes to your health if consumed too much.  Here is a great options for Himalayan Sea Salt.

When it comes to putting it into your water the benefits continue. First off one of the reasons it originally got me to start adding salt into my water was how adding just a bit of the pink salt into your water helps you to consume more electrolytes. Pink salt has a ton of minerals aka electrolytes and helps your body stay hydrated. How it works is that when the pink salt dissolves in water the negative ions in the water combine with the positive ions of the salt therefor becoming electrolytes. A quick tip is to add some pink salt into your water bottle for the gym to help stay hydrated before, during and after your workout.

So electrolytes not only keep you hydrated but they’re essential for maintaining proper body function. When you stay hydrated your body can properly send signals from one cell to another. When this happened it helps the kidneys in eliminating wastes and toxins. Listen there are so many products out there charging you over $50.00 to detox your body so finding a great natural product under $10.00 that you can easily get access too and use is amazing.

One of my favorite benefits is what it has done for my skin. I love being able to be able to see results and feeling the benefits when I try something new and this always delivers amazing results.  Himalayan salt has zinc, iodine, and sulfur all being amazing for your skin.  To break it down, zinc helps repair tissue and prevents acne. Iodine and chromium helps with preventing bacteria and infection. Finally, sulfur is known to help keep your skin clean and smooth. Here a tip,  drinking salt water will help your skin within but using it to wash your face will help as well. What I will sometimes do is I leave about one to two tablespoons of the Himalayan salt with water in a cup overnight.  Then the next day when I wash my face I will use the saltwater to cleanse my face. It feels fresh but it can be drying to some at times so make sure to follow with a heavy moisturizing routine. I often use both a moisturizer and an oil just to make sure my skin is extra hydrated.

Saltwater also helps when it comes to digestion. By helping stimulate hydrochloric acid and certain enzymes that help your body break down foods and protein. By having it help the digestive enzyme it also helps the liver perform the necessary digestive functions.

Himalayan salt in my water has been a game-changer for me, like you need to be a part of this little hack.

All the love,


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