Why You Need Seaweed In Your Life

Do you know what I love to eat on the daily? Seaweed! Other than being essential for sushi, it’s crazy good for you. If possible, adding seaweed into your daily diet is an easy way to get so many different benefits.

Let’s talk a bit about iodine because seaweed has a good amount of it. Seaweed can naturally absorb a large amount of concentrated iodine from the ocean. The major thing about Iodine is that it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy thyroid function. Your thyroid needs iodine to be able to function correctly. When your thyroid is working correctly, it helps control weight, fatigue, and a lot more. The daily-recommended amount of iodine is 160 mcg. Eating seaweed can make it a bit easier for you to meet the recommended amount.

Other than iodine, seaweed has a ton of other minerals and vitamins. To name a few it has; 

  • fiber
  • protein 
  • riboflavin
  • thiamin 
  • iron 
  • manganese 
  • copper 
  • zinc
  • vitamin A, C, E, K 
  • folate 
  • zinc
  •  sodium
  •  calcium
  • magnesium

 Like, how efficient is that? Love it! Since seaweed has fiber, it’s a great way to help support your gut health. Fiber even helps delay hunger while helping with weight loss. Seaweed also contains antioxidants that can help prevent cell damage.

Now that you get the hype of it all, do you get why I love adding it to my life? I like to eat plain nori sheets as a snack by itself. I also like adding them to my salads because it mixes well with everything. If the plain nori sheets aren’t for you there are so many different seaweed snacks on Amazon. This Roasted Seaweed with Sea Salt comes with a pack of 24 and its only $11.99.

When I go out to have sushi, I need to order one of my favorites, the avocado roll. Sometimes I will even make some at home because it’s so easy! To make it extra healthy, I’ll use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. Using cauliflower rice is a great low carb option to use. 

I don’t follow a recipe simply because sushi tends to have so many different ingredients and, I like to keep it simple for something quick. 

Here’s how I do it, with a super simple explanation: 

I will make some cauliflower rice, lay it flat on the seaweed, and place some sliced avocado right in the middle. Then, I roll it up super tight and it’s ready.

There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest if you want a step-by-step recipe. As I mentioned, it’s so easy and satisfying. Perfect for that sushi roll craving you know? Enjoy!

All the love,  

Kamila Coellar

My Lip Care Routine

I am all about healthy and plumped lips. Having your lips looking full is like wearing some false lashes. By that, I mean that no matter how good your makeup is, it will always look better once you add that extra touch.

When it comes to achieving some cute lips, I keep things simple. I think that overlining your lips is a great option, but I am so bad at it. I get into a perfectionist mindset that it usually ends with me quitting and just taking it off. To make things easier, I prefer an alternative option. There are a few steps that I stick to that work. They make my lips look rosy, full, and it has become an everyday thing. Let’s get into the good stuff!!

First off, the obvious step that makes the difference. Exfoliation is key. It gets your blood flow pumping and gives you a smoother appearance of your lips. Olive oil and sugar are great for a natural lip scrub that isn’t overpriced. Simple, but it works! Mix both until you get a lip scrub consistency. I like to use this right after I get out of the shower. The humidity from the shower softens ups your lips. This makes it easier to exfoliate without overdoing it. I do this about three times a week to not overdo it.

The next step is keeping these babies moisturized. This is essential because nothing is worse than chapped lips! This is such a basic step that helps give your lips a fuller appearance. Here is what I love; at night I use a petroleum-free vaseline. This works great because it lasts all night. Sometimes I will put a bit of vitamin e oil on top too. During the day Burt’s Bees is a MUST. It’s my favorite and, I always have one on me. My personal favorite is the pomegranate one. I always mention this one because it’s so good and, it gives your lips a slight red tint. It’s perfect for a naturally plump look. I also love using the rosy pink vaseline lip therapy. It gives a slight color as well and, it’s great for keeping your lips moisturized all day.

It’s that simple. Take care of your lips, DRINK WATER BECAUSE IT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, and your lips will look super cute.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

Three Essentials For A Killer At Home Workout

Hello loves! So during this slightly scary time, I am all about improving myself at home! Skincare, working on content, and working out has been such a big part of my day recently! As much as I love going to the gym to work out and do some weight training, it’s not the best time to do so. So, working our early every morning in my room has been AMAZING. To be specific, I’ve been doing some killer Pilates sessions. Pilates is something that looks easy, but it’s killer, trust me!! There are a few YouTube channels that are my go to that I’ve mentioned before. If you want the details just click here to read my old blog post! When I workout at home, there are a few things that are a must. Here are my three favorites.

  • Yoga mat:
    • A must-have! It makes it easier to work out where ever and on any type of flooring. It’s also great because it provides a great grip. That way you don’t move and slip. It helps to make it not as hard on your joints when on them. Here’s the one I use: 
  • Ankle Weights:
    • These are a must, especially to continue to make your at-home workouts challenging. I love using ankle weights for glute exercises. It’s great to kick up the intensity of your workout. These will help with seeing results quicker too. I love these specific ones because you can build up the weight to 10lbs per leg. If you want the ones I have you can get it here: 
  • Booty Bans:
    • This is a must, whether you workout at home or the gym. It’s such a great way to do some resistance training. I love adding this to any workout and, it’s great for some glute activation. I love how cute they are too! : 

These three things are essentials for a challenging workout at home. Working out at home is a great way to better your self and SEE RESULTS. I mean that’s what we all want right? So if you get, get these three beauties and get a killer workout in!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

Cute Swim You Need For Spring Break

Hello loves! Spring break is almost here, finally because I need to get out of the cold. I have been doing some shopping for my next beach getaway. Even if you don’t have plans for spring break, it’s never to early to shop for summer. Other than clothes, I’ve been looking for swimsuits for my next vacation. Here are some of my favorite picks;


TWIIN Twisted Tiny Triangle Bikini

TWIIN Eva Tiny Triangle Set

Emerson Bikini Set

TWIIN Jeopardy Square Crop

TWIIN As If Triangle Set

Oasis Bikini Top in White Floral & Oasis Bikini Bottom in White Floral

Out From Under Carly Curtain String Bikini Top & Out From Under Carly Curtain String Bikini Bottom

One-Piece Swimsuits:

Blue Life Black Pam One Piece Swimsuit

Out From Under Seamless Straight Neck One-Piece Swimsuit

Ellejay Coco Plunging One-Piece Swimsuit 

I hate the fact that I live so far from the ocean and, I’m so excited to go back! Your girl needs a tan and some time on the beach. I will be ordering a bunch of different swims so, let’s hope I don’t go overboard!! Have fun beach babes!!

All the love, 

Kamila Coellar

My Favorite Eats In Rome, Italy

Hello loves! I’ve been away and not posting any blog posts for two weeks, but I have a good reason. I was away in Rome, Italy for one week! Such a dream come true. For the second week, I was back at home thinking planning new content I want to begin writing. I’ve gotten to the conclusion that I want to begin sharing more personal content. Slowly my number of readers and followers on my blog has been growing. I want you and all my other readers to get to know me better as well. I’m not sure exactly what kind of personal content I will be sharing but, different content will be coming soon! 

Okay back to the first part! I went to Italy and fell in love with every single thing there. I was living my best life and I never wanted to leave. I’ve decided that this week the topic is going to be all about Rome. To start the week, let’s talk about one of the best parts of Italy, the food. 

I tried just about everything and anything. Your girl was in food heaven. I was in Rome for a week but quickly found three favorites that I had to share. So, let’s get into the good stuff.

My favorite restaurant for breakfast: Bar Trevi next to L’ Antico Forno Di Fontana Di Trevi
When in Rome I liked to keep my breakfast simple and, this place was perfect for that. Bar Trevi was not only in an amazing location, but it was amazing for a simple breakfast. I loved having a cappuccino and either a plain croissant or a ham and cheese panini. My sister and I loved to sit outside and enjoy our breakfast slowly while doing some European style people watching. I loved this little location and, getting to eat some delicious food while having the view of the Tervi fountain was a dream.

Croissant & cappuccino on the left (mine) cafe latte and chocolate croissant on right (sisters) 
Cafe latte

My favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner: Pietro Al Pantheon
We tired a few places for lunch and dinner, but this place was THE stop. We were lucky that our hotel was only 4 minutes away. Honestly, it was hard to not go eat there every single day. Everything I tried was amazing, but I have so say that the lasagna and the pasta carbonara were the dishes to try. I loved the whole vibe here!! It had a cute little outdoor seating area and, the inside was super small Italy vibes. Another plus is that it’s right next to the pantheon. Like what’s better than that? An amazing view and, there were so many other small cafes that you could go try some killer gelato. If you go here and you do want some gelato, then let me tell you about this amazing place with the best gelato ever that was only 7 minutes away.

Lower dish: pasta carbonara (mine)
Film of the area around the restaurant.

My favorite gelato: Giolitti
If you don’t go to Italy and have an unhealthy amount of gelato then you’re doing Italy wrong. I can honestly say that I regret not eating it more than I did. This place was such an amazing find and the gelato was HEAVENLY. Here’s the thing, there are certain signs to pay attention too. That way you can find authentic gelato and not that fake stuff that unfortunately is a popular thing. I saw several places that were full, but so clearly weren’t serving the real thing. To keep things simple, here are three key signs. Pay attention to the banana flavor gelato. Make sure that color isn’t an over the top un-natural color of bright yellow. It should be a beige and a more natural color. The same thing goes for pistachio, it should be an almost brown color. There were several gelato places that the pistachio was a bright green color and, I just knew that wasn’t the thing. Next up see how the gelato looks like in the pan ( is that the right name lol?). The gelato should lay almost flat and leveled with the pan. Some gelato places have the icecream looking fluffy and high up. I learned that real gelato doesn’t hold up like this. OKAY, BACK TO WHY THIS IS THE PLACE. This gelato is so good. I crave it daily and, it kills me that I need to get on an 11hr flight to get this little scoop of heaven. My three favorite flavors were coffee, pistachio, and banana. Oh, I should also mention the magical free additional cream that they put on top of your gelato. I am not a person who likes cream, but this one I could eat a bowl of by its self. I always got the size small which you could get up to two flavors of and, I thought it was a very big amount. They give you a lot per scoop and, the best part was that it was only 3 euros. You have to try this place, you will be in love and crave it forever.

Coffee & banana. Such a good combo!!
Coffee & pistachio gelato on the left (mine) chocolate & stracciatella on the right (sisters)

My favorite Tiramisu: Two Sizes
This is a little corner cafe that specializes in tiramisu and its the best one we tried there. So creamy, flavorful, and honestly, I have never tried a tiramisu that tasted this good. They have two sizes of tiramisu; small and large. They even have a tiny one that’s in a chocolate cup. The large was only 3.50 euros and more than enough. I had the classic tiramisu flavor, but they also had pistachio and I believe cherry. I’ve heard from a lot of people that all of the flavors are amazing so, its a must-try. They have very limited seating inside, but the outside is beautiful. Take advantage and take your tiramisu to go and enjoy beautiful Italy.

Classic tiramisu

My favorite place for a cup of coffee: La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro
When I found this place, I didn’t realize how big of a deal this little place was. I went in and ordered an espresso in a bar-style cafe. This coffee made me want to become a coffee person. I do like a cup of coffee every once in a while, but I never had a cup of coffee that made me want to drink it every single day. This place did and I made sure to buy a bag of coffee to take home. This place is known to have some of the best coffee in the world. Everything is prepared, roasted, and packed right there. They have a tone of drink options and lots of little pastries to pair up with your coffee. I’m pretty sure that if I lived in Rome, it would be hard to not stop by at least three times a day.

Tomato, basil, and mozzarella panini & cappuccino

Rome has so many different options for food and, there was so much more to try. I had a lot of great things on this trip, but these three places were amazing. If you go to Rome make sure to add these must-try places in your to-do list!! Each place had a uniquely special feeling with delicious food to make your heart happy. I can’t wait to have the chance to go back to that beautiful country.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

THE BAG That I Couldn’t Stop Wearing In Rome

Hello loves, I am still dealing with some post-Italy sadness. For now, I will be continuing my obsession with Rome here!

For my trip to Rome, I decided to pack three different bags. I ended up using only one the WHOLE trip. I was that obsessed with this bag and the best part was that it was under $10.00.

Fanny packs and styling them to look cute has been a trend recently. I love how people style them but, I didn’t find any that I loved from my usual stores. I found the YOME Fanny Pack on Amazon. The YOME Fanny Pack is simple, roomy and only $8.99. It was perfect for travel and so easy to style. There are several different colors but I decided to go with the black one. The black color made it easier for me to style with my outfits.

There are three different pockets, and I could fit just about everything I needed throughout the day. I loved that it had something that I could clip my wallet too. Since pickpocketing can be common in Rome, this extra add on helped me feel like my things were safer.

You guys I’m not kidding that this bag is super roomy. To give you a better idea, here’s everything that I had in my bag: 

It fitted everything I needed and, I still could fit more things. 

When it came to wearing it, I liked to wear it across my body or on my shoulder, like a shoulder bag. It’s simple and, it goes well with your outfit. Honestly, it looks so cute with all my outfits. The straps are super adjustable, making it easy to wear it how you want.

If you’re going on a trip soon or you’re into the fanny pack trend but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this baby is so for you! It’s like my new favorite bag and it’s now an ESSENTIAL for my next travel plans. 

All the love, 

Kamila Coellar

Three Face Masks That I LOVE

Hello loves, today we’re going to talk about face masks for a little bit. I know, I know. I just posted another post related to skincare but oh well. Like, if you haven’t realized that I am a bit skincare obsessed then you must be new! If welcome to my blog where I obsessed about things that I love, and talk about SPECIFICS. I know what I want and I want it to be done.

Okay to get back on topic, let’s talk about facemasks. I wrote a previous post about my favorite DIY face masks but today I am going to talk about some facemasks I love to buy. I love to put one on as I’m working or when I’m not moving too much. It’s an efficient (my favorite thing) way to pamper your skin while getting work done. Here are three of my favorite face masks that I love to use. 

  • The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA Peeling SolutionTen minutes is all you need for this one to exfoliate your skin and help clear up congested pores. It helps improve the texture of your skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and helps with hyperpigmentation. It’s even great for reducing the appearance of fine lines. This baby does it all and it’s a must-have!!
  • Indian Healing Clay Aztec A classic clay mask that works amazing. It’s amazing for detoxing the skin and to fight acne. This clay mask is great for a deep cleaning mask. It’s one of the most popular skincare products on Amazon so, you have probably heard of it. 

I am a big fan of facemasks because its such a simple thing to add. Also, I feel like I’m taking some time to spoil myself, you know? Like having some one-on-one self pamper time. Anything for softer, smoother, and clear skin!

All the love,

Kamila Coellar


I used to think that salt lamps were more for decor, but they’re great for your health. They provided many different health benefits and it’s all completely natural. Who doesn’t love an easy way to get some health benefits.

A Himalayan salt lamp is great for helping cleanse the air around you. They help deodorize and purify air and can even help balance electromagnetic radiation. By having a simple item in your room, you’re helping remove any toxins from the air you’re breathing. It enhances your overall breathing by releasing negative ions. It sounds a bit complex, but negative ions help filter out particles. Fewer particles make it easier for your lungs to breathe. That’s why it is also recommended to have one if you have allergies or asthma. It’s also great for coughing, sneezing, colds, or any other annoying symptoms you might deal with.

Salt lamps are also great for giving you an extra boost of energy. The negative ions from the salt lamp can help increase your energy while promoting blood flow. Also, did you know that negative ions can help reduce stress and anxiety? It even helps you stay focused because of the increased levels of blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

So, if you add a salt lamp into your home or room and you feel like you’re in a better mood, it might be the salt lamp. Salt lamps help boost neurotransmitter serotonin, aka the feeling of happiness. With a more even level of negative and positive ions, a salt lamp can help you sleep better and get rid of irregular sleep patterns. The light from the salt lamp gives a soothing effect and can help people who have insomnia. With reducing levels of stress, better sleep, and anxiety, it can help reduce depression.

Now that I gave you all the details, let’s get into the shopping part. So, there are a few options, but the one I like the most is a wall plug-in option. If you have a small space, this is a perfect option. It’s small and chic so, it blends in and doesn’t take up too much space. I have this one here and it’s perfect for my room. Here the thing, I feel like people often think that you need a large on to work but not necessarily. When I started using this salt lamp, I felt the difference right away! Seriously, the first night I passed out and I sleep so much better now.

Now that you know why I’m so obsessed with it, I feel like you need to get one too. It’s so good for you and something so simple to add to your life. Like we all need better sleep, less stress and more happiness, right?

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

What’s In My Mini-Fridge

Hello loves, I am back with another skincare post. You guys know how much I love skincare so, I’m always excited to share new tips and tricks. I have been in love with my new mini-fridge. It’s so chic and cute. It just goes with the aesthetic. Other than how cute it looks, it’s an amazing product. Having certain products chilled feels amazing on my skin. I am so obsessed and wanted to share exactly what is currently in my mini-fridge.

I love to leave my facial massage tools in my mini-fridge. Specifically, I would like to leave my gua sha tool and my jade rollers to keep them nice and cool to help depuff. It’s also a great way to wake up your skin. I like to use them both in the morning after I shower. It sculpts everything and helps with making you look less tired. Here’s a little hot tip, if you made the mistake at picking at a blemish (a mistake that I hate to make, but it happens!!), use a cold jade roller over the blemish. The cold will help bring down inflammation and redness. The ideal situation would be to make it seem like it never happened so, this might help with that.

I like to also keep a few skincare products that I use in the morning nice and cold. Some of my favorite skincare products to put in the fridge is my hyaluronic acid serum, my vitamin C serum, Jason vitamin C Effect moisturizer , St Ives collagen moisturizer, and an aloe plus rose water mist. If you use any vitamin c, retinol, or other anti-aging products, keeping them in the fridge will help them last longer. That way you are using a product that’s working at its highest concentration for a longer amount of time.

Have you tried chilling your sheet masks? It’s seriously the best and feels amazing!! I always have one or two sheet masks in the fridge. That way they are cold and ready. I love a simple sheet mask because it leaves you moisturized and glowing. That’s why I love adding it to my mini-fridge because having it chilled helps with depuffing and tighten everything up, as I mentioned before. Here’s another hot tip, use your cold jade roller over the mask to make it extra cold and to increase absorption.

I love the convenience of having a mini-fridge in your bathroom. It’s small so it doesn’t take up too much space. I love anything that’s simple and helps with the lymphatic system like this does. If you are interested in getting a mini-fridge I would recommend the one I have! It works great and isn’t too big, perfect for wherever you keep your skincare products. If you have one let me know what are some of your favorite products to put in yours! Okay, wishing you all glowy skin.

All the love,
Kamila Coellar

Lounge Wear I’m Loving

I love a whole comfy situation. Like I might have things to do today but, I want to be comfy. So why not find some chic alternatives. I have been really into loungewear that looks good at home and out. I think that neutral colors tend to work best with this idea because it’s easier to pair with some effortlessly chic accessories. I did a bit of online shopping recently and found some great options that I thought I would share. So let’s get right into it. 

Nasty Gal Recycled Tie-ing To Chill Ribbed Set

Such a cute set that you can wear together or separately. I love the light beige color and it’s a great price. Also, I am so into the whole ribbed fabric trend and this goes perfectly with it. 

Slow Down Sweater and Jogger

I’m obsessed with the color! I feel like this set will look amazing on everyone. The single off-shoulder look is so cute, giving that chill vibe. 

Satin Lounge Pants Beige

Nothing is more comfortable than satin, especially after you shave your legs lol. I love these cargo style satin pants. They’re on-trend and so comfy, I love it. 

Out From Under V Neck Hoodie

Okay, this one is perfect if you need to make a quick change to go out. All you have to do is change into a pair of jeans, some cute black boots, and it’s now A LOOK. If its cold, add a cute leather jacket to stay extra warm. A gray hoodie is a staple everyone needs.

Topshop Rib Wide Leg Lounge Pants

I love the wide-leg style these have, I am currently really into that style. The color is amazing too, it will go with basically everything. 

Loungewear Ribbed Jumpsuit

Okay, I am IN LOVE with this jumpsuit. It’s so cute and I love that its a jumpsuit. It’s different from other loungewear that you typically see, that’s why I’m OBSESSED. It’s so cute and a must buy. 

I love the fact that loungewear is getting more and more popular. There are constantly new styles coming out that are chic and effortless. Like who doesn’t love a comfy and cute outfit? 

All the love,

Kamila Coellar

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